Why Sensitive Intuitive Female Entrepreneurs Have “The Edge”!

This elite group of women have the secret ingredients that the business world today needs more than ever before. I refer of course, to their innate talent of having sight of “the bigger picture”, an ability to tune into what drives a happy healthy workforce and a natural talent for creativity and providing innovative solutions for common challenges.

Having worked for thirty years in a local government organisation, in a managerial role, I personally can attest to the damaging and limiting impact that a narrowly focused human resources Manager can inflict on an organisation.  I can remember suggesting to this Manager (who was doing a staff survey on health in the organisation), that it might be useful for him to include a question in this survey, which would allow him to collect information about the skills and health related qualifications of the staff. Having such an inventory would allow the company to tap into the full spectrum of the existing resources within it. However, his inability to recognise this as a valuable resource,  limited the company exponentially.

This is just one example of how a company can benefit from the “outside the Box” creative thinking that comes naturally to female “Sensitive Intuitives” in the world. Our expertise is not given the recognition it deserves, but I believe this is changing as there is a global shift towards inclusiveness in governments which is welcome and positive. 

The revolution has begun, if you look at the recent results in the U.K. election for example, where the prime minister now has to forge new alliances with smaller parties in order to govern effectively. So, the shift is happening, but there is a long way to go before Sensitive Intuitive female entrepreneurs are given full recognition for their valuable and awesome contributions.

As a Sensitive Intuitive Life & Business Coach, I believe we are a growing force, and together we are the change makers and leaders of the future. We have a 6th Sense about what our clients need, we intuitively and instinctively cut straight to the crux of their challenge. Cutting through the surface issues to the root of the problem, and offering unique creative solutions to fast track their success.