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Want to increase your focus at work? To be inspired by creative ideas? Or simply to reduce stress, relax your mind and body? Meditation is there for help. It is known for its benefits of healing and well-being since time immemorial.

But is a longer session or a shorter session more beneficial?

Most people will say long meditation is better to help you emerge in the stillness of your mind. And it is true that you benefit enormously from long sessions. But there are 3 reasons why short sessions are good to start with. Check out now.

1. Short meditation works – Researches confirm

Yes, research showed that short meditation works. “Research published in Psychological Science found that short meditative practice of about 15 minutes can help you make better decisions.

Another study published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology defends that 25-minute meditation during three consecutive days can already diminish stress levels. 

And lastly, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a study performed with 3,515 participants in an eight-week meditation program. It showed evidence in the improvement in anxiety and depression after just 30 or so minutes per day of meditation. 

2. A shorter meditation helps you stick to the habit

How to stick to your meditation plan in the long run? Engage yourself with a short meditation.

If you tell yourself that I will just sit down 10 min because 10 minutes are not a big deal, then you win already. The idea that there is no big planning nor big time investment encourages us to start. Then you can naturally sit for longer when you feel ready.

And believe me, sometimes you are amazed how long you can sit!

3. Short meditation – Focus and frequency vs. time

Why shorter or longer time matters less? Simply because the intensity of the focus will bring the best benefits. Yes, a shorter more focused meditation can be more powerful than a longer one where your mind wanders all over the place.

I personally find myself very focused in the first minutes of the meditation, when I settle from the “ordinary consciousness” to “meditative consciousness”. The difference is remarkable and brings me a lot of good.

“Rather than worry about how many minutes, hours or years you should sit, try making the most of every practice moment. It’s all about quality, not quantity” (Mindworks). 

10-minute guided meditation to start today

So you know now, that if you do not have time or feel discouraged by sitting hours in an uncomfortable position, there is still a reason to start with meditation. Researches showed that short meditation can work for your mind and your body. A short engagement helps us to stick with our habits. And frequency and focus win in the battle.

Why not try today a 10-minute guided meditation by Jack Kornfield. Taste the deliciousness of being in a still mental state. Make yourself helped by this relaxed and soft voice from one of the most inspiring meditation teachers.

10-minute guided-meditation by Jack Kornfield

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