Living in the world is another name to know more about the world. If it is stopped learning, one will be announced as deceased. It is similar to the health line that one’s soul transmuted into straight from fluctuations after leaving the body.
In ancient times, people had little knowledge about their surroundings and how to live life. Maybe, that was the reason behind the problems they faced. But, they spent most of time in learning from life experiences, and we are examples of learning.
Learning by inventions and discoveries of our ancient generations enabled their future generations to live and use certain techniques. And it went ahead and the minds and knowledge of the human species developed. However, other animals do not appear to have this. The great example of the evolution of the human mind over time with the passing generations is that today’s people can use an advanced and complex technology popularly called a smartphone. This was only due to people not stopping from acquiring knowledge. If any of the people of the ancient generation had received these technologies, it would have made them spend their whole life learning technology. It is very strange that the technology experts of today’s 1-2 year olds would have taken the whole life of people to understand that they would have given the same smartphone. The other two reasons for the advanced brains of our generation are probably gene changes, and the spread of knowledge by others. In fact, we will not get anything without overtime education of the people. We cannot imagine animal populations without learning evolutions.
Animals also learn a lot from life-long experiences. Knowledge of animals also develops over time. It is also similar in human populations but has a tendency to capture differential knowledge. Human development was not possible without a tendency to learn. Both species have the same characters, but the difference is a tendency to capture and spread knowledge. Man is better in both these qualities than animals.
Human expresses his thoughts with the help of oral communication. And oral communication enables the human to obtain the precise meaning of knowledge. Whereas, animals are very poor in spreading knowledge and their innovations. Human spreads his knowledge and innovations through oral communication. One thing has the nature of being better than a human being practicing work repeatedly.
Now-a-days, American teenagers are spending 12 hours a day on the Internet. Meaning, they are wasting one day on the internet every 2 days. Can you imagine American teenagers waste 15 days every month?
Have you ever thought that you can learn 1,344 words from dictionaries in a year? You might think it’s impossible. Let me tell you that you can do this for a year by learning only 4 words in a day! This means, continuity is the key to success. By doing small things for a long time, you can be successful to a great extent. And even this thing is the secret and philosophy of the great people that you see on the internet.
The life of every human being begins with learning and ends with learning. The first lesson of every newborn child is the challenge of asking for food. A newborn child solves the problem by expressing hunger through loud crying, which attracts people’s stance. The final lesson that every person gets in life is that despite achieving success in life, Tine is never partial with anyone.
Warren Buffett is the 90-year-old world’s richest investor. He spends a lot of time reading books. Why, even if he had everything he wanted before and probably a dream of 7% of the population. This is called the hunger for knowledge. Buffett is at the top due to his knowledge and learning. He learns new things according to the current trend of the world.
Everyone has to gain knowledge of the present world to escape from the daily world. People like Warren Buffett are those who know to go with the flow of trends and apply them to change within. You will not find them old-fashioned ideas and style, even if they are very old. The only reason behind poor farmers is that farmers have not implemented changes in their farming style in the presence of advance science and technologies.