When I discovered my purpose, it changed things for me personally and professionally. Why? Because truly understanding the why that drives me, permeates into everything I do, personally and professionally.

Does this mean I didn’t know why I did what I did before I discovered my purpose? Of course not! However, it was a bit of a ‘wishy washy’ purpose that could have described anyone.

Revealing my true purpose, came with an understanding of what makes me who I am, and it ignited an energy and enthusiasm inside, that fuels my day to day, that I hadn’t realised was possible.

It surfaced my strengths and core values in a way that I hadn’t connected to before. It has elements of me that are unique – my USP (Unique Selling Point) if you like.

To reveal it, I attended a purpose program which it is now a privilege to coach and facilitate on. Since embracing purpose, I am now the co-creator of a new purpose program – I’ve definitely caught the purpose bug!

What’s unique about this program, is that not only does it support team members to reveal their individual purpose, but it also takes it to the next level by connecting it to the team, function or organisational purpose.

What’s interesting to me, is that as I learn more about the business of being a purpose driven individual and organisation, many organisations still haven’t taken this approach to driving business from purpose in a powerful way.

What could purpose do for you, your team, and your organisation?

  • Purpose impacts you professionally and personally, aligning with your strengths and values
  • Purpose drives internal engagement for individuals and teams
  • Purpose brings focus and acts as a grounding anchor in times of challenge
  • Purpose is energising
  • Purpose connects individuals, teams and the organisation – a reason to believe in the organisation
  • Purpose brings focus and drives powerfully connected results
  • Purpose enables people and organisations to be more resilient
  • Purpose aligns everyone from the CEO down to the cleaners with clear line of sight to company values, vision and mission – everyone matters
  • Purpose can help alleviate the internal clashes between teams as they drive to deliver the same goals
  • Purpose is core to connecting customer loyalty to a brand, whether that brand is you, your team, or your organisation

Who wouldn’t want any of these attributes for their organisation? This is just a handful of the positive influence and power, purpose could have on you and your organisation.

Having purpose matters to us as humans. It’s the driver behind the things we do, the actions we take and the results we achieve, whether your focus is on you, you and your team, or you, your team, and your organisation.

Do you know your purpose? Is your organisation purpose driven?

If you’d like to make a connection, and start your journey to revealing and igniting your purpose and being clear on the connection to your organisations’ purpose, you can connect with me on LinkedIn HERE, or join my FREE Facebook Group HERE for professional leaders.

Photograph taken by Jonathan Self; www.jonathanself.co.uk