It is one of the Classic and crucial Interview Questions that you can prepare for. They are really asking “What makes you the best fit for this position?”

Employers look for new hires who solve problems, make decisions and fit with the company culture.

Therefore it is your opportunity to show that you are the best candidate to satisfy those needs. The better you do that, the better your chances of landing the job.

Remember that what you say when answering this question is just as important to how you deliver your answer. For this reason I want to help you to handle this critical part of the conversation, developing a strategic plan.

I’ve broken the process down into four steps :


To get started, it is crucial do some self-reflection. You have to know yourself before you can tell the interviewer who you are.

So, try to determine your greatest strenghts – what it is that makes you particularly qualified for the job above all others. For each quality, think of a specific time that you used that trait to achieve important results at work.


Check out the company website before your interview. The website can give you a good impression of the culture, mission, history and products or services.

At the same time read the job description thoroughly. Which skills and experiences are listed ? Make a note of three or four of the employer’s most prominent requirements.


Choose two or three specific strenghts from the list you created to emphasize in your sales pitch and use these as the backbone of your answer.

Prepare your stories of success, more than one, and strive as much as you can to tailor them to the specific role and company in question. Remember always to match your qualities with the employer’s needs.

Focus on what you can do for the company and show how your own skillset will benefit your potential employer in a way they may not have experienced previously.

Avoid unoriginal example. Never say that you should get the job because you’re “hard-working”, “reliable” etc. Anyone can say these things about themselves.

Find evidence to support your answer. You must provide your interviewer with real information and facts to verify your attributes for work.

Be Concise and follow logical steps. All interview answers should follow a clear structure, so keep your pitch simple, short and unique. It should be no more than one or two minutes long.


Once you feel pretty good about the points you want to make, it’s time to Practice.

Rehearse and practice ahead of time with a friend. Then practice again with someone else until it feels comfortable. Infact it is very important to come across as confident and enthusiastic when you deliver your pitch. Make them believe in you, your abilities and your commitment.


Imagine that you are a recent graduate trying to get the first job and you want to use your relationship building skills to show you are good in a customer service position :

                                                              YOUR ANSWER:

“Even though I graduated recently and I’m new to this industry, I’m not new at managing relationship. Infact I noticed in your job posting that a big part of this position is interacting with customers. During my time working as a volunteer tour guide at the Colosseum in Rome at summer nights, I realized just how much I enjoyed helping people out and ensuring that the visitors were not only well taken care of, but that their experience was the best. I’m excited in bringing this same level of commitment and enthusiasm to this new and exciting opportunity and I think this position is a great fit for me.”

At the end of your job interview, you must remember to ask good questions. It will show that you’re a smart, thoughtful and curious person who listens to what people have told you. The questions you choose will indicate your knowledge in your field, as well as your general level of intelligence. It’s your best chance to drive the conversation and get the perspective of people currently working at the company.

I really hope this helps you get ready for your next job interview. GOOD LUCK !