Purpose of spiritual practice

Have you seen a flower blossoming? If so, you would have observed that the opening of flowers happens in harmony and silence. The symmetry and geometry of the flower along with color gives pleasure to our eyes and mind. The most important aspect of this process is the identical nature of the bunch of petals. All share the same collective space of flowers. Similarly, we all humans are part of the one God’s consciousness.

Because of our strong attachment with our body and mind, we identify ourselves with only material nature. As a result, we remain ignorant towards our spiritual existence, which is the true source of our existence within this physical body. Even the medical professionals and scientists have discovered the knowledge and existence of the soul. The matter is non permanent; whereas our soul is non physical and eternal. We can experience our eternal nature of soul in a relaxed state of mind. Peace, harmony, and bliss are the experiential elements of soul.

Many spiritual masters and self-realized souls have practically shown these high states of consciousness in their life. Although the door to wisdom and knowledge for self-realization is open to all human races, we start our spiritual growth by accepting and knowing our strength and weakness. Before moving on to find a suitable spiritual path and practices, we must discover the inner conflicts that come in the way of realizing our true eternal nature.

If we remain extremely attached to our material pursuits, then we will not realize genuine happiness and purpose in life. Chasing only material dreams and desires, we get agitated and develop unhealthy life habits. The restlessness of mind is because of ignorance of our spiritual growth. If we associate with our beliefs, fears, biases, and material accumulation, we invite disharmony in our life.

Our life force energy determines our joyfulness in life. However, these life force energy gets wasted in consuming the different deformities of the mind. As a result, we feel stress and anxiety. If we learn to disassociate our mind from the endless desires to seek happiness and pleasure from the material world, we can release ourselves from the bond of suffering.

Therefore, we must integrate spiritual practices in our lifestyle. This not only paves the firm foundation for our well-being; but also opens the opportunities to realize our maximum human potential. The primary purpose of any spiritual practices is to raise the awareness from material existence to the true spiritual nature, which is peaceful and blissful.