Building mountains of income around you is what exponentially grows your agency.

There are multiple ways to do this inside and agency and that is to have monthly management with a select group of clients. For Sidney Clevinger’s agency there is a massive amount of management for social media marketing and sales funnels, websites, google AdWords and search engine optimization and mobile app for phones.

Sid mentions, “when running the numbers, it is much more expensive and time consuming getting a new yes, then a recycled yes. Please let me explain,” Sidney added.

“When you go out and find new customers you spend money and time to do that through advertisements and phone calls, prepping contracts, etc. when you can build a system for every month to follow up with clients who have already said yes, and will continue to say yes as long as I and our agencies value exceeds our price for the customer.

Testimonials, Testimonials, Testimonials

This is something Sidney says he does even at the beginning of a new client’s process.

“It is important to get in your customers mind that they will be successful with your company and then set goals that are reached for your clients,” Sidney says.

Be relentless when it comes to getting testimonials from your happy customers and do it when they are happy. For us, Sidney says, this is usually when they see their first leads come through their marketing campaign with us.

Practice What You Preach

It is amazing to this day that many marketing, and advertising agencies do not do this. They look to find clients using old school methods like belly to belly networking events where everyone is there to pitch you their product or service and not there to buy anything. Others will get a list of new businesses in the area, join chambers and BNI’s etc.

Sid says that if you want to attract customers to you in the marketing space you need to practice what you preach and find your customers by doing what you do for clients you do marketing for. If you build sales funnels, find your customers through sales funnels,

If you build websites, find your customers through different functionalities of your website, PPC and SEO is the same and so on and so on, Sidney says.

It is a lot easier to influence and persuade someone in marketing if they found you by you doing the exact products, services that you are offering to them.

Sidney said, “I will never forget the first time I was so bold to tell a potential client that had found us through an ad on Facebook and asked us, what is a sales funnel, while we replied, well you are kind of in one right now.” Sidney continued with, “I was scared to death when I said that to a customer, I have always thought of myself as a good salesman, but never have a I been that bold to a potential client.”

The result equaled in a client that still works with Sidney and his team to this day on a monthly basis and sees massive results with them every single month their social media lead generation systems Sid and his team provide for them monthly.

Working only in Target Rich Environments

Although this seems simple, it is amazing to see how much people in the digital marketing space does not do this. Sid says, “Your message falls on depth ears when you’re in the wrong environment.” he says the you need to make sure that your perfect customer avatar needs to be rich in the environment you are selling to.

Overall, Sid says, “This business is all about getting the right message to the right audience and knowing how to sell the invisible through story-telling.”

The digital marketing space is a very needed space in the world right now and everyday small businesses and salespeople are hiring digital marketers to help them with selling their product or service.

Help people win every day, and that value will help them succeed every day.