In today’s world, we are aware of the world best and worst battles and we are witness to it.There are so many forces working endlessly towards positive. Forces want to eradicate poverty and deprivation. The forces in work are science and technology , they work together and bring harmony and unity to our world. 

Isn’t it amazing work of science. There are so many forces which are working against the human existence like violence, hatred and religion conflicts.

Developments in the field of computer, robotics and genetic engineering have achieved new high and doctors are equipped and trained in this fields of Robotics.Earlier which was fiction, now it is reality,but our foundations are in schools and where the moral growth of human takes place. 

It’s imperative that we should educate our students to higher dimensions so they can attain their dreams and work towards it. Our education system should be empowered with values, morals, cultural and spirituality. 

Yes, you read it correct . SPIRITUALITY. 

There are following reasons that it should be part of your education system:

– Philosophy and spirituality helps a student to explore himself.

– Feel that life is a play and is consciousness with itself.

– Teaching students path of dynamic equilibrium so that students always take a middle path and don’t go for extremes. 

– Make students feel to ease down the extremes and take life as it comes

– Don’t mistreat success and fanaticism equal

We should embrace the changes and failures with open arms and not with closed ones as it will give us new zeal in life. 


  • Kartika Sharma

    I’m a voracious reader and a motivational coach. I am also deeply inspired by Arianna Huffington. I firmly believe in positive thinking and try to incorporate that in all walks of life.

    I have been working and breathing as a content writer since long. I strongly believe and also experienced, that people who are old souls , connects better to heart, soul and world. Godliness is serving people and getting blessing. For any query, contact : [email protected].