You are graduating from high school soon and you have no idea what to choose – studying (what to study) or working.
That’s fine, don’t worry we’ve all been there. A lot of my friends struggled with choosing their field me included. Some of them kept struggling right until we all graduated and then they took a gap year so that it might help them decide as to what interests them. A lot of them then decided to study medicine in Europe. I will explain why.

I want to present a direct option for you. However, it’s kind of a big deal because it involves a lot of studying and commitment. You’re ought to dedicate around 6 years of studying only to become a GP and about 4 more years to become a specialist in a certain field – ophtalmology, GE, cardiology, surgery etc.

Despite all that if you have it in you nothing is really there to stop you. Me for example, I’m currently a graduated and certified doctor and inspite of all the difficulties that I had to face I managed to tackle them and even take advantage.

When I was about to graduate from high school I had absolutely no idea as to what I want to do with my life. I was then presented the option of studying and pursuing medicine from no one else but my mother who was currently working in the sphere of healthcare although not as a specialist.

I first disliked the idea of having to study for that long (10 years in total) but when I gave it a second thought I realised that whatever you choose to study you need about 10 years to become an expert in it. Here is what I mean by that:

Whatever you decide to study – be it finance, economics, management, whatever you will usually have to study 4 years to get a bachelor’s degree and another 3 years for a master’s degree. That makes whole 7 years. After that you usually won’t be able to work on your own and you have to start working under someone else’s patronage until you get confident enough to do your job properly.

Studying medicine in Europe is currently a top choice especially among UK students because of the ruthless acceptance system and the NHS’s policies.

By becoming a doctor you would become a very reputable and well-respected part of the community you’re in. This profession is one of the oldest and only people with the best qualities can become doctors.

What’s more, doctors earn a lot of money. No matter that studying medicine takes so long, when you graduate as a certified specialist you’ll make a lot of money and you’ll actually never have to worry about your finances anymore. You would be able to support your wife and all your children no matter how many you decide to have.

Studying abroad these days has never been easier. A lot of people have already decided to immigrate seeking for better opportunities and longing to pursue their dreams. If the British have started immigrating then anyone could really.