When (insert important objective), I’ll be happy.

You might be telling yourself this every day, if you are, keep on reading.

As a South African, who has been employed full-time since the age of 14, I’ve had the pleasure of working with people from cultures ranging from Zulu, Venda, Zimbabwean to American and Japanese.

This year I decided to dedicate a month towards finding the happy-spot in my life’s Venn Diagram. This proved to be much harder than I first thought.

Here’s what I came up with

  1. I do work that won’t leave me exhausted (mentally or physically)
  2. I make every encounter, with whomever, as memorable as possible, offer something without expecting anything
  3. Live on purpose, pause when possible, stop when not. Nothing I schedule today, or tomorrow is more important that making a lasting impression with what I am doing right now

The most mind-blowing thing I realized when I thought back on my life was that every experience that took my breath away was entirely unplanned, unscheduled and unexpected.

Anything can happen Thursday 😉

Originally published at medium.com