Many business owners and savvy entrepreneurs are scrambling to come up with a successful game plan in today’s ever-changing market, but few have considered strategies based around switching off and relaxing more around the office. In today’s hectic digital age, it’s more important than ever that business managers and rank and file employees alike are occasionally presented with opportunities that help them blow off a little steam.

Here’s why it’s imperative that more businesses start championing policies like paid vacations and parental leave, and how policies based around relaxation can help recharge modern workers.

It’s all about productivity

Some might contend that office policies that enable workers to switch off and relax for a while will be harmful to productivity, but it’s a simple matter of fact that certain policies which help employees blow off steam can ultimately boost productivity. Take such thing as paid time off for a vacation, which can help a worker feel rejuvenated after a tough business season and typically result in more work getting done in the long-haul. It’s simply proven that paid vacations don’t diminish productivity in the workplace, and actually help workers accomplish more in less time at the office.

Nonetheless, too many businesses today are still overworking their employees, mistakenly believing that ramping up the amount of time workers spend laboring away each day will ultimately translate into productivity gains. When you’re trying to create a healthier and more productive work environment, it’s advantageous to remember the adage to work smarter, not harder; rather than overworking employees, business owners and managers should give them plenty of free time off, and expect them to put in maximum effort during their actual work hours.

One way for businesses to start adopting this strategy at a slow but steady pace is to introduce microbreaks around the office. Employees shouldn’t be afraid to get up, walk around, get a drink of water, and briefly network with their employees. While excessive chatter can quickly turn into gossip, a solid culture of workplace flexibility will let your workers remain stress-free and in constant communication without wasting too much time.

Similarly, to vacations, intelligent employers are also beginning to look at parental leave as an ideal opportunity to help workers take some time off and relax during one of the most stressful periods of their life. Having a new child can take up a hefty portion of your employee’s life, meaning it’s vital that companies help workers who are struggling with childcare and getting enough time off if they don’t want to sabotage their own human capital.

Relaxation lets workers know they’re appreciated

Workers at any place of business would never truly feel welcomed or like a member of the corporate family if they never get an opportunity to relax and unwind. That’s why companies with great workplace cultures that champion the wellbeing of human workers typically fare better than those who are too demanding of employees. Overwhelmingly, a consensus is forming in the market that policies like parental leave, paid vacations, and workplace-sponsored rest and relaxation benefit everyone.

Business owners and managers, too, need to relax every now and then. Small businesses in particular are often only kept operational thanks to the tireless work of their owners. Thus, business owners should ask themselves if they’re taking enough time to consider their own needs when it comes to taking time off work and relaxing during more stressful work periods. For entrepreneurs and business owners, knowing when it’s appropriate to switch off the cookie consent and reward your hard work is one of the hardest skills to learn.

If work is made too mundane a part of everyday life, workers, managers, and business owners alike can be expected to inevitably revolt. It’s absolutely imperative that everyone’s needs are being taken into consideration, and that certain workers with unique health considerations aren’t having too much of a burden placed on them. Nonetheless, small business owners most likely won’t permit themselves to switch off even for a short while, as they’re too dedicated to their work. Reviewing some ways that small business owners can take a deep breath and relax during holiday periods when business wanes is thus imperative to keeping your sanity in today’s hectic marketplace.

Any company that works its employees too hard is
asking for failure. If your employees and senior leadership officials alike
don’t get enough time to recharge every once in a while, your competition will
quickly outpace you in the market. It’s okay to admit that the speed of the
digital age isn’t always good for worker’s health. Despite the frantic pace of
the contemporary business world, it’s absolutely imperative that small
businesses and giant corporations alike act to ensure that all of their workers
have plenty of time to switch off and relax more often. 


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