Jercori Freeman — an American motivational speaker, sales expert, author and real estate investor, started his career at 22 as a 100% commission salesman in Georgia in the US.

With the often misconception that might come up, he tells Yahoo, “The reason why people don’t like sales is because a lot of salesman lie and/or withhold information”

Mr. Freeman, 26, says his online training platform to individuals, is taught by TOP industry leaders who simply use their blueprint as a step-by-step guide to beginning entrepreneurship or scaling an already existing company.

“With brokering, all you generally have to focus on is sales, marketing, and customer service.”

– Jercori Freeman

If there is one thing to take away from Mr. Freeman, it’s this: “Every person on this planet should be monetizing Sales” he says. “If you would just be willing to pick up the phone snd call 100 people a day you’re guaranteed to walk out of tornadoes like you were undamaged.”

He does not recommend just choosing any popular product to broker. He only chooses products he actually believes is needed.

“I have to look at a product or service and feel that it is my duty to make sure others receive this because it will benefit them” he says.

He says too many people get caught up in network marketing schemes e we it’s no guidance. “I know people that have invested time and faith into the wrong product only to get burned out” he says. “The priority is incorrect.”

Now Chief Executive Officer of 3 privately held companies, Mr. Freeman had a rocky start in life.

”I got kicked out of school in the 9th grade, my mom and dad divorced and I was left with no real leadership growing up” he says. “When I was 22, I homeless and the only job I could get was a sales job.”

He made a commitment to becoming a great salesperson and “ended up becoming the #1 salesman for one of the fastest growing companies in the country according to Inc. 5000” he says.

Today, Wealthchild established in 2019 helps individuals self-educate, begin their journey into entrepreneurship, increase sales and profitability and reduce turnover. His other businesses include his real estate investments, a unsecured funding company, a YouTube channel, a podcast and “everything sales.”

His online learning platform has also trained “hundreds of people to date”, he says. His speaking fees go up $10,000 and his online training platform sells for anywhere in the range of $27 a month to $997, sometimes more.

Mr Freeman’s  book is called The Art of The Sale, a guide to help entrepreneurs and others find a sales system and routine that works for them.

He says the Art of The Sale was born out of experience. “I realized if someone can find the tools to get ahead, 9 times out of 10, they will get ahead,” he says. “The Art of the Sale is all about Mastery and Psychology”

What makes Mr Freeman different than any other motivational speaker out there?

“I don’t waste any time trying to be a coach of one thing to anybody. I’m the professional at hiring professionals — to teach you how to start or grow all types of businesses,” he says. “Nobody has to settle on one industry — what you need is to use discipline .”


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