The coronavirus is not only impacting the physical health of thousands of people around the globe, but it’s also causing a high level of stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, mental wellness is often neglected, stigmatized, and considered less important than physical health.

As social distancing has become the new normal, patients who need mental health support have to find new ways to get the healthcare they need. Many hospitals and businesses are transitioning their services to online platforms, but others are struggling.

You have been hearing a lot about “telehealth” during the coronavirus crisis, but what is it and why it’s important? Telehealth includes all the health-related services that can be performed via digital technology and allow long-distance care, advice, and monitoring.

It’s easy to see why telehealth has become essential during coronavirus, but even before the crisis, some companies had already started to focus on telewellness services and making wellbeing accessible to more people globally.

Alina Trigubenko, the co-founder of Awarenow, has always been passionate about helping people get easy access to coaches and holistic practitioners around the world. In the last years, the company has also been focusing on helping coaches and coaching businesses to modernize their practices and go digital.

Awarenow created an all-in-one business management platform, that allows coaches and coaching business to consolidate everything they need in one place, so they don’t have to waste their time in the online transition and can focus on helping more people.

“The coronavirus crisis has brought to the surface the need to modernize the health and wellness industry, but we have been working on this goal for years. We believe that telehealth is the future of wellness, regardless of the coronavirus,” Alina told me during our interview.

Alina has positioned her company to be on the frontline of the efforts to support coaches, non-profits, and small businesses. She has been working with a variety of organizations to help them switch to digital swiftly and thrive in the virtual space.

These organizations include medical centers, laboratory testing companies, precision medicine offices, wellness, and integrative care centers, yoga and meditation studios, coaching/therapy schools, and executive coaching firms.

In addition to these efforts, Awarenow has been offering coaches and coaching businesses the possibility of using the platform for free during the coronavirus crisis. Free programs are always available, even after the coronavirus crisis, for non-profit organizations and businesses that are mission-oriented.

In these challenging times, it is essential to remain open to new solutions to take care better care of ourselves and others. Awarenow is offering the possibility to do just that. There is no doubt that the coronavirus crisis will change many of our habits in the long-term, and some of them, like telehealth, can help us create a better future.


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