As we are planning goals and doing reviews in January it got me to thinking about endings in general. I myself have been seeing lots of endings recently.

Ending can feel so final, like you come to a dead-end of something, the reality is that everything is a lot more fluid than this.

Endings are really the start of new beginnings, so rather than a linear way of thinking where we go from A to B, I prefer to see it as a circle, when endings turn into beginning of so much more.

Think now for a moment about something in your past that really seemed like the end… was it really the end of the world…? Or was it the beginning of something new…?

Just like winter, when it goes dark and things in nature die, our lives have natural cycles of endings. It could be the end of a relationship, the end of a job, the end of being in a particular place, even the end of a life…

…However, if you look closely, you will see that all these endings are the beginning of something new. Something amazing.

Something even better than before: an evolution of you.

So how to take advantage of these endings?

1. Be in the moment and accept what is happenings right now. Don’t try to fight it, pretend it’s all ok and take loads of action. Be with yourself in this ending, it’s normal, natural and perfectly alright to grieve any loss you perceive. Feel your feelings, be with yourself.

2. See all the blessings in the burdens and the burdens in the blessings. Know that all our experiences are balanced, a mix of good and bad, so we need to really look to see both sides. Don’t miss your opportunity to see the whole experience, instead of judging it either way.

3. Really focus on what you want now. Our lower mind tries to protect us from any pain, by keeping us safe which means that we tend to focus on staying where we are, looking at the closed doors, running back to the comfort of the “known”. However, if you had no limits, what you wish for? Really focus on what it is you want, fully and completely.

Share below one thing that you saying goodbye to from 2016, and one thing you are saying hello to in 2017 — I would love to hear!

Originally published at on December 10, 2016.

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