It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s more of a gradual shift.

You find yourself wondering: “What is happening to me? I’ve been living an illusion, and it’s all shattering. I think my ego is in crisis and everything I thought true simply isn’t. My identity feels fake, and I see others and my self as they are.”

Awareness has deepened; your perception has sharpened; reality comes into focus. It’s all so crystal clear it can become almost unbearable at first.

Fantastic! Your shift in consciousness has irreversibly been set into motion.

This awakening as is experienced by hundreds of thousands around the globe is happening in the human form.

Whatever trajectory the shift took, the way we perceived it in our body and through our sensations, is what we call the “authentic story” of our lives.

Maybe something awful happened and caused suffering, or heartbreak, perhaps it was an illness, a death or an unexpected loss.

Or it was nothing of that nature; you weren’t miserable but also not happy either, and then things just started taking a different turn.

As if you walked into your house and discovered secret doors and started opening them one by one, finding new rooms you never knew existed.

Whatever the story was for you that led you to break open, there is one constant that is universal: the vehicle for waking up is through our human body.

The purpose of it all may be coming back to the light, living mindfully, reconnecting with the Universe, or whatever you may call it, but the conditions of our existence in our human form are intelligently calculated precisely for that to happen.

One can’t be without the other. Our human body is our vehicle, a unique and powerful tool, our channel of expression.

Our human experience IS our authentic story; suppressing our humanity, hiding behind our spirituality, denying that story to ourselves first and foremost is, at its’ core, a form of resistance and non-acceptance.

The very same concepts we’re trying to eliminate by living in an awakened state of being in the first place.

We can use our stories to express how it is living in a state of flow with life force, but one can’t exist without the other; one isn’t more important than the other.

We can learn to place our humanness and flow of consciousness side by side, walking in harmony and supporting each other during our brief time here.

Because both spiritual awakening and humanity are happening simultaneously and both must be honored if we’re to embrace the totality of life force.

So here’s an invitation: surrender to the present moment and practice being alert enough to continuously observe, accept, resist, let got, then resist again, and then let go, over and over again.

A graceful dance between two trusting partners.

Physical matter always falls apart, and there’s chaos, destruction, loss, sadness, grief and then it all comes back together again, and there’s love, joy, connection, unity, harmony, flow.

Over and over again, happening only in the now.