By Joanna M

It looks like couples who like to eat together, definitely stay together. In fact, a new study suggests that a couple who share a love for good food are most likely to make their relationship last. In other words, good marriages revolve around good eating.

According to, a poll of married friends says that their relationships are steeped in decisions revolving around food. Yes, that means that married husbands and wives spend most of their time deciding on what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for better or for worse.

“What to eat is the decision you make most often as a couple,” one newlywed explained, according to the site. “So if you both don’t like to eat or like to eat the same things, [I’d] think you’d basically be having a lot of small fights constantly.”

In addition, eating also establishes a level of intimacy that can’t really be compared to other marital activities, including what goes on underneath the sheets. Also, there’s a sense of accomplishment that comes with eating a good meal with your partner. If both people are satisfied or have had at least a good experience at the restaurant they visited, they are more likely to go home in a good mood or end their night on a high note.

Cooking, of course takes things to another level. If you and your partner are spending a lot of time prepping, cooking, and serving meals together in the kitchen, then you are not only working as a team, but also sharing a unique bonding experience. There’s nothing better than marinating steaks that your husband is going to fire up on the grill or baking an anniversary cake together. As long as the two of you have similar palates, the possibilities are endless. There’s no better way than to express your love over your mutual appreciation of great dim sum, among so many other meals.

On the other hand, having a negative experience might not only put you or your partner in a bad mood, but might also lead to an argument, among other things. Plus, many married couples also agree that some of their best memories are attached to some of the best meals they’ve ever had. It could either be the best Napoleon dessert that was shared during a romantic date in Brooklyn or unforgettable sushi during a trip to Tokyo.

Either way, food is what makes people happy and good food is what makes a couple live happy and enjoy life together.

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