We’ve all been there: we scroll through Instagram, and after looking at a never-ending procession of photos showing nothing but spotless homes, beautiful outfits and lithe bodies doing complicated yoga poses on tropical beaches we either get FOMO, depressed, or pissed off. Even though we know that most of these images are staged and none of them tell the full story (or even the truth, in many cases), we are still affected by them. If we consume images of seemingly perfect lives every day, we will start comparing them with our own flawed and messy lives, and as you know, this is a contest we can only lose. You can’t compare a fantasy with real life. 

Many people are quick to point the finger and blame social media for unrealistic expectations and unhappy people, but that’s too simplistic. Social media can be a tremendous source of help, inspiration and motivation, and it has been used by many as an invaluable tool to start and further careers, help people find their tribe, and make them feel less alone. 

It’s all about how we use it. The important fact to remember is that we are the ones who should be in control of social media, and to take care that it doesn’t control us. That’s where the ‘unfollow’ button comes in. 

You are the one with all the power. You decide what you want and don’t want to see. Is someone’s constant humble bragging setting your teeth on edge? Unfollow them. Sick of endless workout posts and gym selfies? Unfollow. Are you getting green with envy looking at the always perfectly decorated and spotless house of an insta-famous decorator? You don’t need this stress in your life – hit the unfollow button!

The simplest way to find out what doesn’t serve you is to ask yourself: does this person add value to my life? If they don’t offer either entertainment, information, inspiration, or the best of all, a good laugh, then why are you following them?

Take it one step further and apply this rule to people in your real life. There are many toxic people out there, and I firmly believe that we should get them out of our lives for the sake of our health and happiness. Don’t feel guilty for removing negativity from your life!

If you usually feel worse after hanging out with someone than you did before, what’s in it for you? If they drain you instead of lifting you up, why do you spend time with them? Don’t do it out of obligation or guilt, or because you feel bad about saying no. You deserve better.

You deserve to surround yourself with people who add value, support, laughter, love and happiness to your life. 

For everybody else – hit ‘unfollow’.