Mara Riopel was a commercial insurance broker for over 10 years and while she was making six figures, she was also super stressed out in her job and realized that she wanted to find a way out of the corporate path she was on.

Mara has always been fascinated by business, investments, and passive income.

Mara told me that she is currently a business consultant and a commercial real estate investor, but she was also looking for something else she could build at the same time.

As Mara was looking at her options and in walked network marketing, which she have to say she never thought in a million years she’d ever do. Mara saw huge potential and quickly decided to build a business within the ‘new network marketing.’

Can you walk us through what you call the ‘new’ network marketing?

The online world has changed the game for the network marketing industry. It is the main reason why so many influencers, online entrepreneurs and driven professionals are joining the industry now. It gives us what most careers and businesses can’t which is true choice.

You can work from anywhere, it can be alongside what you already do, your income isn’t tied to hours worked, your income becomes willable so you can pass it on, it is scalable, and you have the ability to build a global business off someone else’s product.

The stats are like any industry in terms of the number who rise to the top. To put it simply, if you work hard in the business, like any business, you will become successful if you’re consistent and give it enough time.

Many driven professionals and entrepreneurs are building this businesses online through attraction marketing and personal branding. There’s no bugging friends and family to sign up for anything anymore.

What is the biggest challenge to building a network marketing business?

There is still a huge stigma out there about what this business actually is and I completely understand. I said no way to network marketing for 8 years before I finally took a look and educated myself about the industry. So I’d say one of the biggest challenges is simply busting through that stigma. You do this simply by providing information and education to those who are interested so that they can make their own informed decision about it. We’re not in the convincing business, we’re into providing the information someone needs to make up their own mind in an educated way.

I think most people will find the same things I did once they do their homework. That it checks all the boxes of a business that you’d really want to build, it just happens to come in the form you never expected.

How can you be reached if someone is interested in your products or services?

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