Sinclair Jones likes to go against the grain.  I sat with him for the New Theory Podcast as we discuss the steady growth of Social Lifestyle Magazine.  He has overcome a lot of adversity over the years and although is investing in digital, he not only focuses on print, but his bet is paying off.  Most of the major publishers are either abandoning or pulling back on print publications.  Sinclair’s thought is great content will always be fashionable.  He an increased physical distribution of the magazine to LA, Florida, Columbus and even Dubai.  He does not charge for the magazine as he receives ad revenue from some top brands.  Further, he focuses on fashion, fitness and lifestyle very similar to Maxim.  He tends to stay away from Politics and Sports. although he often covers a bevy of A List athletes.

This strategy is completely foreign to me as I’m personally a digital first type of guy.  But when he peeled back the numbers, his website traffic grew by virtue of having print magazines out on the street.  According to Sinclair “whether its the magazines, our growing Instagram account or even reprint requests when get for editorials, it’s all part of building the brand”.  He is right as I’ve personally been reading Social for 5 years now as nothing beats having a magazine on the coffee table.  He may seem nuts for fighting the digital trend, but after interviewing with Sinclair, he may be onto something.  

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