Are you the person you were born to be.

Through life we travel on a journey which takes us down many pathways. Some serve us well, whilst othes take us in the wrong direction, making us stumble over knowing who we really are………

Do you know who you really are? Are you living life as you or the person others want you to be………..

“Are you walking in the wrong direction, taking the wrong pathway? Do you even know if it is the right or wrong pathway?”

“Ever been that disjointed?”

When you don’t just stumble, but fall flat on your face. Sometimes it is difficult to dust yourself off, stand tall and carry on. Many times the challenges you face find you unable to see through the fog, to understand why you are faced with so many wrong directions.

I have been in a place feeling like this many times, I felt at a total loss of direction in many areas of my life, what I found by doing some inner soul searching, journaling and questioning myself was this………

I did not know who I really was. Or did I?

I was like a Jekyll and Hyde, not necessarily a good verses evil person, but the real me verses the me ruled by other peoples terms. “Unsteady”. I understand more than ever now that for many yeas I had lived in another persons shoes, living life others wanted me to live. Living by their rules and their beliefs. Being controlled like a puppet.

I share this with you today to guide, inspire and empower you to take a stand now to find the real you. We are multi faceted individuals, possibly someone else’s wife, partner, mother, daughter, husband, son, lover. This does not mean they have control over us.

When you cut the strings that control you.

My life was like Sandy Shaw’s ‘Like a puppet on a string’. I would bend their way, fall at their feet (or hands). I would jump when they told me to and speak when they gave me a voice.

How much do you resonate? How much of a puppet are you?

Liberation comes in many forms, but when the strings of control are severed, the Freedom can have you spinning. Immediately the strings are cut free, what is the first thing that happens ………

You fall in a heap to the floor, not knowing how to pick yourself up unaided. Not sure what to do with your new found Freedom. This liberty that is all your own, like a newborn foal you stagger to your feet, you wobble and flop, down you go again until to your surprise after about the sixth attempt you stay up on your feet unaided, no help needed and before long you are galloping about freely.

When You Learn to Liberate Yourelf

With this new found freedom comes choices, decisions you can make for yourself, on your terms. With no questioning, no mind games, no negative influencers. Just you and you alone. Scary? Hell yes! Exhilerating? Absolutely! One of the greatest gifts to give oneself? You bet!

Your life is yours now, to live the way you want to live it. Although you maybe a multi faceted individual, you control the strings. Being there for yourself first and foremost, getting comfortable saying no, walking away from negative toxic relationships, stepping into your trueself.

“Yikes! Debbie!” I hear you say. “These are huge steps you are asking me to take. Too big for my feet to tread!”That is exactly how I reacted to this new found Freedom, but as you begin to put one foot in front of the other without the physical feelings of the shackles holding you back, each step becomes easier, you learn to build and strengthen your emotional resilience, in a way you never thought possible. You grow an inch taller everytime you stride out. Why? Because each time the overbearing weight of living as the someone else who isn’t the real you lifts, moment by moment the true you emerges like a beautiful butterfly breaking through the caccon. A cacoon of life you were stuck in suddenly breaks away and you are set free. Free to be YOU.

Don’t get me wrong, these sound simple, but not easy steps to take, but take them you must, so you start living your true life sooner rather than later. So unlike me you have more years in front of you than you have behind you.

When you choose to be who you were born to be living life on your terms is no longer a dream. You exist in a reality where you have been reborn to

Choose Life! Choose Freedom! Choose You