To be considered a great advertiser isn’t easy. There’s many incredible advertisers in the world of online marketing and if you’re being recognized on several other publications as a “great advertiser” or “negotiator” then there is no doubt you know a thing or two about the way one should approach a conversation with an investor about why your company is worth their investment.

Thomas Wos has been able to make himself known in the world of advertising in German speaking countries. He is well known for having led to receive twenty million Euros in a funding. A company that he himself funded and that has been able to make a difference in several other companies. allows for companies to simply send quick quality emails allowing for operations within the company to run smooth at a faster pace.

If Time Is Money, Then Efficiency Is The Key to Any Business

This was made possible due to extensive programming. Efficiency means everything in a business because time really is money. serves as a tool that will allow a company to get over the barrier of having to use a lot of your time to respond to emails in a timely manner.

Delivery is key and a lot a lot of companies do not have the capability of being able to send even ten-thousand emails in one single swoop. Here’s where comes in and makes life a little simpler. Perhaps sometimes a lot simpler. Rather than having to pay a high amount of cash monthly or having to be on a payment contract, customers pay only as much as they use at a very low price. We’re not kidding when we say cheap. Think $0.00077 per e-mail!

Only someone with high expertise in programming and investing could come up with such a business model. It’s not all that simple. It also takes some online marketing knowledge to bring such an idea to life. Wos had the grit to create a company that would then transform the destined future several individuals and industries dealing with technology or a great business model. Using that grit, he used his negotiating skills to find an investor who was willing fund him those twenty million Euros. Keep in mind he was also able to negotiate with the investor to increase the amount of funding up to thirty million euros. So far it has the been the biggest investment made out of all the countries that speak German.

If Funding Is A Barrier, Then Allow Guidance To Be Your Secret Weapon To Break That Barrier Down

One could say that Thomas is a man of many talents because not only is he an amazing negotiator, investor, but he’s also an incredible consultant. He runs many companies worldwide while also giving helping hand to other companies in need of it. There are three companies in particular that were on the edge of the cliff and falling into bankruptcy. Although with the guidance from Thomas Wos those three struggling companies are now stable and making profit.

Thomas Wos is also generous enough to give individuals advice and information regarding online shops and even online marketing. He’s striving to help others find more information regarding the topic matter. Some really can’t find where to start in creating their online shops. The process is constantly changing especially in this modern online marketing realm. With his readings, individuals who are new to the space or even current business owners will be able to pull away some useful information having to do with internet business and being able to optimize successfully on search engines.

Being in the online marketing space is difficult without the right guidance but as shown through Thomas’s past, as long as you have the right guide to lead you in the right direction, you can take a struggling business or a startup back on a straight line or up to the top a lot faster than having to go through trial and error.

Just Because You’re A Startup Doesn’t Mean You Have To Guide Yourself

Startups could learn a lot from Thomas Wos’s expertise and knowledge of bringing up a new company with a promising future. Even those who are having difficulties reaching their goals or who are close to filing for bankruptcy can also find themselves getting on the right path to profits faster than they ever expected. If funding is a barrier for someone, then Thomas has also set that example with the way that he was able to find an investor who was willing to fund his company up to thirty million Euros.