When you are a person who is on top of his/her game, you can use it to secure lucrative positions for yourself, monetizing your skills to no end. The world is currently filled with such influencers who continue to make millions of dollars out of marketing themselves, dedicating their whole lives towards building a fortune that will last them for ages. 

However, these influencers are not only the people who are pushing the envelope in terms of redefining success in business fields, but they are also the people who can contribute the most towards making this world a better place. 

But why is that exactly so? The answer to this is very simple. These people have accumulated the kind of experiences and insights that not a lot of us have access to. They are the people who have treaded the path towards success, building themselves step by step. So no one can dissect the success journey and teach it better than them. 

There is an age old maxim that’s currently quite in vogue these days i.e. a leader is a person who empower others. Most of us know that this correct and that’s exactly how a leader should behave, but not many of us have given it a thought to the fact as to why these people are responsible for empowering others? 

Contrary to popular perception, empowerment is not just about letting people speak up and share their views and perspective. Rather, empowerment is more about allowing people to develop the necessary skill sets that let them achieve their goals. 

A lot of us jostle with multiple different kinds of problems each day ranging from mental to career issues. You can tell someone to work hard and be passionate if they want to attain success, but this advice is of no use to the person who doesn’t know how to take care of his/her fallacies during this journey. 

People who are the top have the best birds eye’s view of the world around us. They know exactly how holistic development is essential to progressing in life. These kinds of people know how to tackle issues ranging from the worst kind of stress to difficulties in learning new things. 

However, the biggest problem these days is that such individuals, are becoming fewer by each passing day leading to a paucity of the right kind of advice emanating from the right kind of source But when we have someone like that i.e. a person who is willing to empower others by letting them learn through his experience, we should not just celebrate that individual but also learn more about his journey and evaluate the personality traits which make him commit towards such worthy causes. 

These are the kind of people who despite boasting of credentials that are supremely commendable, continue to use their skills towards creating initiatives that don’t offer much in terms of monetary value to them but are incredibly valuable towards empowering underprivileged communities to grow and reach their true potential. 

One such rare individual that lives in our times is Shear’Ree. A lot of us, especially those who share a passion towards fitness and athletics, might have heard his name as the man who broke the world record in bench press, but this is a man who has risen himself above the league of people who define themselves by just their professional achievements.

Shear’Ree is currently running a special kind of program named “Program Shear’Ree”, through which, his primary aim is to ensure that troubled youths and adults get rehabilitated and redirected towards adopting a positive lifestyle. 

This is not your average community uplift program, but a holistic campaign that focuses on improving a person’s capabilities in a diverse set of fields. 

From training individuals in anger management, time management, goal setting and planning to teaching them the value of work, vocation interests and skills required to secure a job, this program ensures that a person enrolled in it only gets out once he/she has become a developed individual that’s competitive and has the ability to think positive. 

Shear’Ree could have made a massive fortune for himself by putting his skills up for hire. But he was someone who always prioritized others over himself and that’s what make him such a valuable personality to learn more from. 

When most of us achieve any kind of success, fame or fortune, we tend to wall ourselves off, ensuring that it’s just us who benefit off of them. This approach might be good for our personal being but they make us appear as an individual who is selfish and self-serving. 

This is not the right path to take, because in a world filled with inequalities, sharing our achievements with others is the only way we can make an improvement in the lives of those who didn’t get endowed with the kind of opportunities that we’ve been blessed with. 

If most of us understand this, then we can not just take care of these underprivileged communities but fast pace humanity’s efforts to make this world a better place for everyone who lives in it. 


  • Haroon Shahzad

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