The circle of life will always complete itself, there is no way around that simple truth. To live and to die is the most natural of all things, from the birthplace of the universe somewhere far away in a distant galaxy, to the millions of cells in your body that die and are born again every second. Nature has a good way of sorting itself out, does it not?

Yet, there is the puzzling and unmatched intrinsic drive in every living thing to pursue life, to keep on living no matter what, and to ensure its survival. Humans are no different, and if there has ever been a quest most powerful throughout human existence, it is the pursuit of a longer life.

Through modern medicine, healthy eating, and healthier living in general, humans have significantly extended the lifespan nature intended them to enjoy. For better or worse, we are hardwired to survive. In this pursuit, though, there is another powerful notion that can help you not only enrich your life, but prolong it as well – travel.

Exposing yourself to diverse environments

Quite simply, your immune system builds itself up through trial and error (let’s call it that), and only slightly with the aid of drugs and natural remedies. Adaptation is the keyword you’re looking for here. Disrupting the essential homeostasis in your body by visiting different natural and urban environments, and exposing yourself to pathogens your body rarely encounters, will ignite adaptation in your body, leading to a healthier, sturdier, and more resilient You.

This is something parents have been doing with their children for generations – exposing them to other children in their community in order to build up their natural defense mechanisms. That is why kids that attend kindergarten are usually healthier than their at-home peers. The same premise holds true for adults and seniors as well. If you don’t expose yourself to a different environment, your immune system will weaken naturally, which is why travel is an excellent way to keep your immunity high.

Banishing stress from your life

Dealing with stress in the hectic modern world is not an easy goal to achieve. Eliminating it altogether from your life is nearly impossible. Unless you’ve been practicing the teachings of Buddha for the past four decades, you probably haven’t developed the mental fortitude to simply banish stress from your mind, body, and soul.

However, travelling just might help you minimize stress and even eliminate it completely by reshaping your core beliefs and lifestyle based on your travel experiences. Studies have proven time and time again that taking even a short escapade can significantly lower your stress response, minimize anxiety, and brighten your mood. So take advantage of this discovery, and get going!

Boosting human interaction for a healthier mind

The relationships and healthy communication you nurture with others are by far some of the most powerful ways to foster a healthy mind and delay cognitive deterioration as you age. In its essence, travel is meeting new people and cultures, forming new friendships, and stimulating your mind and soul in numerous ways.

And this holds true for all age groups. However, seniors in particular need to experience social interaction on a regular basis in order to nurture a healthy mind, which is why so many cruise lines are extremely popular with baby boomers as they support constant interaction, mingling, and communications. Seniors, as well as their younger counterparts, should take advantage of such travel programs that are centered on building a tight community for the duration of the journey.

Keeping you fit and able

Physical exercise has shown over the years to be the ultimate way of keeping your body, and your mind, healthy and able to meet the daily challenges as well as the challenges of aging. There is no denying that regular exercise is beneficial in a myriad of ways, and there is also no denying that travel can put some much needed fun and excitement into training as well.

Sure, you could spend your outdoor adventures cooped up in land and air vehicles, not moving an inch on your own, but that wouldn’t exactly be beneficial for your health, or exciting at that. Instead, you want to stay physically active as much as possible on your travels, traversing unknown lands on foot, hiking across mountain ranges, and exploring different cultures up close. This way, you can maintain the desired level of physical activity needed to keep you healthy and fit, while at the same time enjoying your adventures even more.

Visiting the numerous healthful destinations

Finally, the world is brimming with natural and human-made locations that boast a myriad of healing properties you want to experience for yourself. Healing sites such as hot springs in Iceland and Turkey, energy vortexes (yes, they are a thing) such as those in Egypt and the United States, and countless other healing areas in the world might just help you ensure lifelong well-being, and even fight certain conditions such as asthma and bone-degenerative illnesses.

On a truly profound level, travel is one of the most beneficial habits you can adopt into your lifestyle. In fact, if you travel plenty, and travel wisely, you might just pave the road to long-term health and happiness that will see you through your silver years and ensure a life of vibrancy and well-being.


  • Olivia is psychologist and entrepreneur from Brisbane. Mother of two beautiful children and proud owner of two silly boxer dogs. She is passionate writer, a traveler and conscious consumer, seeking healthy and sustainable products to incorporate into the lives of her family. Her motto is “Be the change you want to see in the world”.