Travelling is the best and result oriented therapy one needs for sound mental health. It not just helps you relax your mind, replenish yourself but also gives your body the rest is required. Reports have shown travelling can reduce anxiety, stress on body and mind, Keeps the mind fresh & recharged, especially when you are travelling to a beautiful place like Santorini. In fact you can call Santorini, with its beauty and elegance, a perfect place for a trip in order to effectively avoid stress, workload and replenish the mind.

Relax Your Mind in White & Blue Paradise

Santorini is one of the most popular vacation destinations, a greek beauty and famous around the world! It is said that once you set your foot in Santorini, you’ll feel you have entered a whole new world. A world where all the shades of red make stunning dusks, Santorini caldera offers the most beautiful oceans you’ve seen and gigantic cliffs are spotted with marvelous Cycladic whitewashed houses! 

Nothing can compare to the beauty one sees in Santorini.

The enchanting and enthralling view in Oia Santorini, the minimal Cycladic architecture, the lavish Santorini Greece inns, the delicious and scrumptious eateries, and the Santorini spring of gushing lava are great reasons you’ll fall in love with remarkable island!

Situated on the southern side of the Aegean ocean, Santorini in Greece is a piece of Cyclades islands complex. The island was made after a gigantic eruption of a volcano, occurred in 17th century B.C., which molded the amazing caldera. 

Around 3,600 the volcano was ejected, causing a huge torrent which hit the island of Crete, creating eventual downfall of the Minoan civilization. Presently, Santorini is a water filled sickle, the remaining parts of this antiquated well of lava. The towns of Oia, Fira, and Imerovigli are totally roasted along the edge of the caldera. There are more churches than houses on the island, most of which are small & private.

Santorini Island, Greece travel guide
Santorini’s White & Blue Paradise

Wine is a significant industry here. The hot, dry climate is ideal for developing grapes, and on the off chance that you like to visit wineries and go wine sampling, you’ll love Santorini. Incidentally, the vines are developed in loops on the ground, instead of on a trellis like you regularly observe in numerous different vineyards around the globe. 

And yes not to forget, the windy conditions. While we were here, there were wind blasts sufficiently able to thump individuals over. January, February, July and August will in general be the windiest months on Santorini.

Santorini flaunts a one of a kind scene! The well known Santorini caldera, astounding red and dark volcanic sea shores, and, obviously, spring of gushing lava’s cavity in Nea Kameni, all help the roots to remember the island, which was molded by volcanic emissions.

Rejuvenate Yourself The Best Way

Santorini accommodation is excellent. You need a place that relaxes your body and lets you enjoy your vacation! With Infinity pools, luxurious Santorini hotels, Cycladic whitewashed buildings and villas, 5 stars service experience to make your stay in Santorini! Rejuvenate your mind and body with spa treatments, scrumptious wine tasting, island tours, shopping in luxurious boutiques and romantic dinners.

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Things To Do While You Travel Here and Calm Your Mind

Watch Santorini’s Sunset in OIA

In all probability, you must have already seen  the notable dusk photographs of Oia. Perhaps that is the way Santorini made it onto your “must-see” list. 

Oia is perhaps the best spot in Santorini to watch the sunset. The blue arch churches set among falling whitewashed buildings is the ideal setting to watch the sun go down. This is Santorini’s most jam-packed spot at dusk, so anticipate large hordes of individuals here. 

Santorini Sunset – Experience the Amazing Santorini Sunset ...
Santorini Sunset

Genius Travel Tip: If you are leasing a car, plan to arrive a few hours before dusk just to guarantee that you get a parking space. Stopping is incredibly restricted and by late evening, goliath visit transports exacerbate things. 

You can meander the avenues and search for the ideal spot all alone, however I have two suggestions for you. 

The most famous spot to watch the sunset is close to Oia Castle. The groups here are crazy. In any case, what you get is a view of the windmills and the whitewashed structures falling down the cliff of the island.

Enjoy the Boat Tour

Another great experience with Santorini is to take a sunset cruise journey. From the sailboat, appreciate the view on the white towns on the edge of the caldera and watch as the sun sets. Most boat tours offer dinner, drinks, and an opportunity to go snorkeling or swimming. Get out on the water and sail to the volcano. You can swim in the Aegean Sea or the underground aquifers, peer into the cavity of the volcano, explore the city of Thirassia, and visit the Red and White Sand Beaches. A portion of these travels will end with a dusk perspective on Oia.

Santorini Ammoudi - Santorini Villages |
Ammoudi Bay

Explore Oia and Visit Ammoudi Bay

Oia is known as a sunset destination. In any case, it’s similarly awesome during the daytime. Explore the restricted walkways, go out to shop, hop from bistro to bistro, and be set up to fill your camera’s memory card with huge amounts of photographs. This is one of Santorini’s most photogenic spots. Ammoudi Bay sits right down the precipice from Oia. You can stroll down on curved ways. Once here, go to the seashore, eat at a fish café, or even go precipice hopping.

Visit the White Beach

Right next to the Red Beach is the White Beach. This seashore gets its name from the white cliffs that command the territory, despite the fact that the sand is dark. The best way to arrive is by boat however you can get a decent view on the sea shore if it’s all the same to you going on a smaller than expected experience. 


Taking out some time from your busy life plan and going for a relaxing vacation to Santorini helps you keep your emotional well-being steady. Travelling is the best treatment for your mind to get itself far from all the strains of life and it does miracles to your emotional wellness by keeping your psyche occupied with something fun. Exploring a delightful place like Santorini will undoubtedly have an effect on your emotional well-being and experiencing soothing comfort and luxury stay with Eternity Suites is something to really witness.