I used to hate being wrong. Not that I especially enjoy it now. . . but I used to hate it so much that I didn’t share what I know for fear of not being right and thus being ridiculed.

This intense fear kept me from sharing my intuitive insights and spiritual knowledge. It also kept me from asking for help. And over the past several years, I’ve done massive deep work on moving into trust.

Trust in my knowledge.
Trust in my intuition.
Trust in the Universe.
And most importantly, trust in ME.

So, here’s what I’d like to share with you today. . .

Clients often come to me and say they trust the Universe, they trust that the Universe has their back, that everything is working out for their highest good.

And as we get deeper into the conversation, I find that they often don’t trust themselves. They second-guess every idea, every thought, every intuitive nudge. Instead of acting on those things that come to them, they do nothing. Or they do something completely different.

See, the thing about trust is that you can’t trust the Universe without trusting yourself and you can’t trust yourself without trusting the Universe. They go hand in hand. You can’t trust one and not the other. And that’s because YOU ARE the entire Universe in human form.

Here’s what I want you to do. . .

Every nudge you get, whether you think it’s your intuition or not — TRUST that it is. Just trust it. Because the more the trust your intuition, the more you trust yourself and the more you trust the Universe. It all works together. The more you trust, the clearer things become.

Don’t question whether something is intuition or not. When you receive something, whatever you want to call it — a hunch, a nudge, an idea, an instinct, a glimmer, a notion, a clue, a suspicion — act as if it’s god speaking to you and follow it.

No question. No holding back. No hiding.

The more you lean into trust, the more you lean into your intuition, the more it will all expand in your favor. And that makes your life look and feel like magic.

Originally published at medium.com