Yes, there’s always someone better than you, me and everyone. Well, that’s the point, someone is always better. But there has never been a best, you know why? Because everything is and will stay relative to each other. There’s no absolute and by no means can we compare one person with billion others with no fixed parameters set. Even if we manage somehow, trust me, there would be a crazy number of permutation and combination,something we just can’t keep our fingers on.

Ask yourself, is it so important to know who’s racing alongwith you? What if they are better than you? If this inspires you towards healthy growth or learning, awesome, keep a track, but not to the point that convinces you to quit even before playing the game; and out of what? The fright that you might lose. But quitting doesn’t make you win either; and the worst part: it neither gets to convince you of your worth, how much you’re capable of, nor does it help you grow. Is this worth it? Ask yourself.

Never try out something with the sole motive of defeating or being better, I am afraid, you might want to quit once you fail!

‘Trying’ is and should be an independent entity. Between your goals and the trials , no factor should exist; morever, not something such as outperforming others. Why so? well, it is proven that the moment people start obsessing about outperforming, they lose track of their route, lose directions. Their only concern ends up entangled with someone else’s potential.

Only hard work and never giving up is by choice. Outperformance is by chance.

Just remember to shed off the fear of losing and then give a try! We might get lucky, sometimes we might not. But that doesn’t matter in the long run.

But, what exactly to try for then?

If not anything, we must try for the knowledge it has in store. For the experience, for the ‘journey’.

It’s all about the in-betweens, there’s no life at ends!

Make it about the journey, the love, lessons and the growth. Although it’s true that winning is a great feeling but it’s shallow without a great journey.

Like in life, this is not a competition, it never was.

But if competitions give you an edge or some sort of adrenaline rush nothing else can, compete, but only with yourself but remember to learn from all.

Forget about who’s better, worry about the how to make yourself better than the previous version.

Till then Try:Learn:Repeat

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