Look on Twitter. Members of the fast food industry are isolating Twitter wars with their challenges, outdoor retailers are thoughtful on the existence of Big Foot, and don’t overlook one airline’s frantic, heart-wrenching and personalized discourse for a customer to “give it one more chance” when the customer posted that they had bought tickets with a different airline, instead. There’s no refusing it anymore. Corporate social media is growing informal- and funny.

While some would call this a relapse in business etiquette, others are seeing it as a wise marketing policy. Here’s why humor in social media is a great idea:

It’s easy to look too one-dimensional.

Have you ever been forced to converse with someone who does not seem to have a lot of personality? Maybe you share a common friend, so you tried to involve them in a social conversation at a social gathering, but they encountered a series of low grunts and yawns.

And do not we all in our lives this person who speaks constantly, but only on a subject? Whether it’s Uncle John’s political layoffs or your cat wife’s neighbor who only talks about their “babies”, he’s likely to look for an opportunity to dodge and avoid contact as often as possible.

The same thing happens with social media. Once people start to associate the name of their business with the same worn objects, they do not even look anymore. You become a name that simply advances in the past, and this is the worst possible outcome for your social media platform. By spreading humor in social media publications, you can improve your appeal by Boostinsta.

People want to entertain themselves.

Social media have two recent faces. One is an ugly and angry side that fights for everything and for anything. Politics, films and even food sources are the subject of much debate.

The other side of social media is a little more foolish. This is where the joyful heart will get away from all the fights and anxieties. Here you will find everything from cartoons to invitations to share photos of your cat and, of course, recipes.

The fact is that when users move through their broadcasts and see only bad news and animosity, they appreciate it when they encounter something that only makes them smile.

Frequent interaction is memorable, but so is excessive selling.

My teenage daughter is on Twitter. Of all the people and businesses that follow, Taco Bell is your favorite. Why? Because frankly Taco Bell is at your level not only with its humor but also with its marketing.

The tweets of the type “Hello, the lyrics are nice, but have you tried to bring Taco Bell?” It is an excellent way to add lightness to a subliminal impulse to buy your product. At the same time, someone who manipulates their social media once has involved her in a conversation when she tagged them in a photo of her and her friends eating tacos in the park. His dog was also in the photo and Taco Bell took note.

“What is your dog’s name?” They asked him. She responded enthusiastically and now, every time we pass by the restaurant, she mentions how “good” they are. They did not even need to mention their product to build loyalty. They simply let her know that they had seen her and that someone in her office was also a person who liked dog pictures.

Once they are sold on your personality, they will be more willing to call you.

Humor in social media allows your customers, the community, employees and potential customers to see a part of you with whom they can relate. Do not we all love doing business with people who make us feel comfortable?

Relativity is just a good deal. Of course, your customers want someone who knows how to do the work, but you can show them all that and also participate with them in a playful and warm way thanks to their presence on social media. It is much more likely that they are addressing the company they know they are friendly and fun than the one that lists publication after posting the same tired information.

Future employees will also be sold according to their personality.

When looking for a job, everyone wants to work in a pleasant and welcoming environment. The way you manage your presence on social media can help potential employees feel more attracted to applications for their vacancies.

Humor in social media is an easy way to say, “We like to have fun”. A mixture of humor with commercial and industry-related content sends the message “We have fun, but we also do things”.

This creates an impression of relativity that inspires job seekers to want to go through the front door.

Cut loose and have fun! Just practice common sense.

When you practice humor in social networks, you need to use common sense in your publications. Nothing exciting for adults, but at the same time, try to escape the cheesy aunt’s cheesy publications. You do not want someone to be offended and you do not want someone to roll their eyes.

Fun contests, social invitations and related content are essential to creating a warm, fun and intelligent online presence.