Weather you are currently having a job or you are unemployed and looking for a job do not underestimate the power of unwinding. Job search is as much of a job than keeping and growing in a job. Taking care of yourself and take time to reflect and relax is vital.

Get Rid Of The Stress For Good Each And Every Day :

WHY is this important?

Stress weather at work or during job search really gets to you :

  • Stress can cause high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases, cancer, heart disease, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and more.

  • Stress will make you burn out lose your energy and your focus you cannot be successful if stress takes over

  • The main thing putting pressure and stress on you is your inner voice we have an amazing ability to lose balance and harm ourselves

What can you do about it

  • focus instead of multitask get rid of the habit of trying to do different things at the same time take a step by step approach and focus what you currently do try to avoid distractions for example turn off your mobile phone during a webinar or meeting

  • Start the day with reflection weather it is meditation, prayer or taking just 5 minutes for refection start your day by clearing your mind and setting your own goals for yourself

  • Do a done list in addition or instead of a to do list show yourself everything you have done and achieved already do not frustrate yourself with things you should have done and refocus

Use Your Emotional Intelligence

What Do Emotional Intelligent people do:

  • They focus on the positive instead dwelling on the negative

  • Be precise do not just feels bad realise what it is making you feel that way and how you can move things and yourself forward

  • Reflect on what makes you feel good precisely and try to keep relying on it

What else could I do

Try to avoid an argument but if you are in one :

  • Forgive but do not forget it is easier to forgive and move on than wasting energy time and health on holding a grudge that does not mean forget or give a person a second chance to harm you it will enable to move you forward with less frustration and if in the future that person will try to harm you again you will immediately protect yourself from that

Focus on what you can achieve

Set yourself up for success not for failure :

  • Focus on your strengths and what you can achieve

  • Do not talk yourself down or limit yourself

  • Be aware of your capabilities and find the best way to use them for you

Finally : Unwind Every Day

  • Go out with friends after work and enjoy the time

  • Take time for yourself to grow learn reflect and calm down

  • Sport is also a proven unwind er and stress killer use it for your own benefit

  • Plan in your own unwinding activity every day even if it is as simple as just reading a book

Conclusion Unwind Yourself For Yourself :

  • Take things step by step avoid pressuring yourself and multitasking
  • Plan and do your own unwinding activity at the beginning of every day and at the end of every day start with reflection and finish with something that you enjoy
  • Keep a done list to reflect on everything you have done and achieved every day
  • Use Emotional Intelligence to refocus and balance
  • Plan for success and focus and what you can achieve

Unwind & Happy Friday!

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