In today’s fast-paced world, the majority of our time is spent staring into a screen. This goes for free time as well as during work hours. We use our electronic devices to communicate with the world around us, and for the most part, the people in our immediate business and social circles. Work can even be done remotely these days, which means there’s no need to come into the office. With so much efficiency, there’s bound to be a downside. 

Because there’s little to no accountability online, people tend to largely view relationships as disposable. Any ties can be instantly severed with the push of a button. This results in a lack of any real human connection between people, which is something that they crave. Without the positive and negative feedback that arises from an in-person relationship, we as a species can’t tell how effectively we’re using our social skills. It’s very easy to focus on work or education and just maintain our social lives online. The problem is that isn’t a sustainable model and ultimately results in feelings of burnout and stress, as well as depression. 

One way to combat this feeling is to unplug and seek out other people with similar interests who want to help fight a mutual effort. Volunteering, no matter how large or small the contribution, is a great way to reclaim your sense of humanity and confidence. Helping people who are worse off than you, or fighting for a cause you believe in, also gives you a new perspective on life and a chance to appreciate all the good things you have. The interactions with other people will also increase your social skills by forcing you out of your comfort zone into a new environment with new people to communicate with.

From a business perspective, the more people you interact with in any given day means the more potential networking connections you have a chance at making. There is no telling how you could benefit down the road by the interactions with people you meet today, and the fact that they are meeting you in this positive light says so much about your integrity and personal values. It’s like having the best parts of a job interview without even trying.