Getting up at 5 AM bring you far ahead from the rest of the world who wake up late. Though most of us procrastinate and can’t make it a habit after a couple of successful attempts. Can we really become a healthy and positive person if we wake up daily at 5 AM? Are there any advantages of being an early riser? Let’s find out.

“A practice needs 66 days of continuous effort to make it a habit”

Idea of waking up at 5 AM is not for the sake of being up before sunrise but to do activities that will make an overall positive impact in our daily life. Waking up at 5 in the morning is not a task but a passion that makes your job, business, or life much happier and fulfilling than your ever expected. When you wake up at 5 in the morning you have the most useful hours of a day i.e 5-8 am. All the great achievers in today’s world are using this technique of rising early on or before 5 AM. Tim Cook ( CEO Apple), Richard Branson ( CEO Virgin Group), Jack Dorsey ( CEO Twitter), Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Facebook), Indira Nooyi (CEO Pepsico), Narendra Modi ( PM India), Barack Obama ( Former President US) and many more great leaders are the perfect examples of early risers. They are not waking up early only for working but to enjoy their life that they dreamed of and devote their time to exercise, meditation, reading, writing, and spend time with loved ones.

Being an early riser isn’t about trumpeting how hard you work. It’s about doing everything within your power to help your business achieve success; and if that means you have to get up at an hour not known to most, then you might as well enjoy the sunrise.”
– Richard Branson

How to Manage Early Hours

You should start your day with meditation for 15-20 minutes. Best time to do meditation is just after waking up as the mind remains empty and you can concentrate more easily than the rest part of the day. Meditation helps you to feel less stress and gain more piece of mind. Apart from meditation, breathing early in the morning is very beneficial for our entire body. You can spend some time writing your blog or reading a nice book of your interest with a nice hot coffee. The early morning is the best time to read or write as the focus level remains at high and it helps you to read or write effectively in less time. Exercising early in the morning is a must so you should hit the gym and do exercise for an hour or less. Else you can do jogging followed by some stretching exercises. The 5-8 morning time sets your entire day and if you really use these 3 hours effectively, you can be more happy and productive. As the research says, you need to practice at least for 66 days without fail to turn a practice into a habit. Though it is really not easy but if you have a goal of waking up early daily then your body will start supporting you. Most of us want to stay in bed as long as possible and it is actually a waste of time. Life is too short and we never know when is our last day. So we should take every day as our last day and immediately get out of the bed once the alarm starts ringing. Getting out of the bed is the most useful task as it gives the special 5-8 morning hours to use for your daily work routine.

How to start waking up at 5

Find a Reason

To start working on anything we should first ask ourself a question “Why we want to do this”? And that answer will push you to do the task everyday because that’s what you really want to do in your life. You should ask yourself why you should wake up at 5 AM? How it will help you to make your rest of the day happy and energetic? These answers will encourage you to start waking up daily at 5 in the morning.

Make a sleep Time

If you have to wake up at 5 AM, you have to decide the sleep time and make sure you stick with that everyday. In general you should sleep between 11-12 in the night to get up at 5 in the morning. Making a sleep time a habit will eventually make the wake up time a habit.

Avoid Caffeine in the night

Caffeine is the barrier in your sleep as it wakes you up for the next four hours. So it is advisable to have your last coffee 4 hours before your bed time.

Pankaj take

I feel that waking up at 5 AM daily make you physically, mentally and emotionally fit not for one day but for the entire life that will eventually help you to become a great person. When you worry less you increase your focus and thus become more productive. Early rising will make you positive, hard-working and a happy person who can influence people to join the 5 AM club to make life more fun and happy.

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