Mental health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, but we can easily argue that every month should be devoted to staying aware of one’s mental health. While we’ve made some great strides in mental health and mental health awareness, some people still have problems with the concept. Here are a few reasons why that should not be the case.

1. Mental Health Improvement is Achievable Anywhere, Any Time

What some people may not realize is the fact that counseling and therapy can be done online, and online therapy has seen an increase in popularity over the years. This is for a good reason, with sites such as providing instant access to a therapist who can help you. This is always important for those who need help, and you can get a therapist who can work on your own schedule.

2. We Are Always Awake

One problem the world is facing, particularly in first world countries, is the lack of sleep. We work many hours, and when we come home, we end up dealing with our kids, house work, and other tasks. Before we know it, it’s past our bedtime, and we cannot fall asleep whenever our head hits the pillow. Stress, being wound up, and life in general are to blame. Not getting enough sleep can add up and affect your mental health.

3. We Are Overworked

Speaking of work, many of us feel overworked. We may feel overworked at our job, getting little pay and not enough appreciation for what we do. We work long hours and are overworked with no consideration for our mental health. If someone is mentally unwell at their job, it’s considered to be complaining, when in reality, they are suffering.

4. Too Many People Don’t Take Care of Their Mental Health

Many try to be mindful of their physical health or their appearance, but don’t spend enough time sharpening their mental skills. They may avoid meditation, not practice mindful behaviors, and be generally someone who has potential, but doesn’t use it. Not practicing good mental health techniques is bad for the mind. As you age, your senses can dull and you may be at risk for dementia or other problems in the mind.

5. We Aren’t Teaching Mental Health to Our Children

Another thing is that we don’t teach our children about mental health problems, how to take care of one’s mental health, and how you should seek help if you’re not feeling well. There are many problems with this mindset, such as your child ending up feeling inadequate and different if they have a mental health disorder. Bullying can happen because children are unaware of the many differences people can have in their mentality and how they see the world. This can be a problem, and as parents, we should look into how we can teach everything to our families. For more information, click here and read more on how you can be the best parent possible.

6. Mental Health is the Future

We are slowly eradicating disease and increasing life expectancy, but in exchange, we need to deal with mental health, especially as life expectancy increases. It’s something that honestly begins with you. You need to be mindful of your mental health and have that natural curiosity and mindfulness as you grow older. This can ensure a long, fruitful life and a chance to grow as a person.

Mental health will continue to be a concern, but as long as you and the people around you make strides to improve, you can be able to live the best life you possibly can.