I have always been surrounded by this word.

Where everyone around me is too conscious of the appearance they show to the world.

My mother always had these chubby cheeks and was always full of energy. And then came the day when she came across the word she was always familiar with. Because her mother had it too.


That suck out the glucose from her body. And her cheeks started to fall.
Her skin became too skinny.

And her skin started to show wrinkles at a very young age.

Though I believe she didn’t care of herself that much. But she wasn’t doing it before and all of her was well working.

Diabetes followed another disease to enter her body. She had the thyroid.

Now that she doesn’t look like she used to. She is always too concerned about her looks.

She weeps for the loss of her looks.

And after all this.
I took a look at my imagination.

I always assumed my future to be wrinkle-free with all the gloss on my cheeks and expected my life to flourish me more.

But now that I am aware that no matter how bad you think you look, or how many pimples you have now. You always have the possibility of turning out worst.

Your health and appearance never stay with you for your whole life. These are the partners of life’s journey that can leave us anytime.

So it’s better to enjoy being with them than expecting some more of it to come to us.

It’s better to cherish the moments we spend while being healthy and physically decent looking than turning out in a corpse.

My mother always says this phrase.

Halat sarisar nhi rehte

That means situations never remain the same.

They can change in the blink of our eye.

So it’s better to see the better ones before they turns out to be bad.


A word I am too attached with.

You have always so much to be grateful for and then also you crave for making it great.

It’s only great when you are grateful for it.

Otherwise, nothing will ever make it great.

Even if you will get the whole world in your arms. Your arms will crave for more.

You know you won’t ever be able to hold it in your arms but you’ll crave for more of it.

Even if you know you have it all then also you want to have one that isn’t yours.

Be aware of the fact that if you are always busy finding more than you won’t get to taste the less. And someday all of the things that you think are insufficient gonna be turn into enough.

We people always want our appearance to be better than it is. we wanna have our nose pointed, hair straight, and belly fat. But imagine the day you will have no hair, no nutrition and your skin so pale that you will die to get everything back. Situations never remain the same.

Today we may be crying for having short height but tomorrow we may have to cry for having enough energy to get up again.

Situations never remain the same. So be grateful for the one you have now.

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