Many go through this situation…..We would have done our work very well as per the initial vision and still things are not falling in place despite all the hard work that has gone in …and also we start feeling enough is enough.

That doubt starts creeping in about our capability to take things forward. We start feeling miserable.

We look back and think about all that we have done to take us this far but doesn’t have any clarity to go ahead .To put it simply we lack the vision and suddenly we feel that we can’t take this journey forward anymore.The very thought of being in this journey starts scaring us.

(….If you have also felt like this anytime before,please remember that you are not alone,)

Invariably this is the pain of “growing” everyone goes through.

Getting a bit more specific…

If this were to happen to entrepreneurs/startup enthusiasts/or even other existing business owners who might have been working very hard chasing their dreams how could they get motivated to take things forward when they are really down?

# Reboot by taking time out from your schedule:

Pause for a while from what you are doing.Start contemplating .Talk to yourself. Think..Think & Think .Often you will come up with reasons why you are getting stuck. We created this video for you and hope this is useful for this purpose.

(This rebooting should be sufficient enough in many a cases to take you forward)

# Talk to those who would have gone through similar situations:Nothing is more inspiring than hearing it from the horse’s mouth.

# Take Result Oriented Approaches:Evaluate your present condition critically.(Do A SWOT analysis, realistically!)Analyse what you have been doing and if found necessary it makes sense to put in necessary adjustments for more result oriented approach.You are the best person to review your own “vision” critically more than anyone else.What is required is an open mind to introspect.

# Taking external help :Help from experienced professionals from your network or from those who would have gone for such measures or was in the same position as you are in now in the past would be a good idea.This would often results in getting you a better picture of the entire scenario with support to take you further in this journey with positive outlook.

Why You Should Continue Even When You Start Feeling Tired and Giving Up ? Would like to read your thoughts in the comments section.

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