building wealth

I read a financial book recently that I loved, called The Psychology of Money. What I adored is that it dug into what has always bugged me about the financial world.

Wealth is more about your psychology than your intelligence. That’s right, throw away the fancy spreadsheets and focus on your thoughts and habits to get ahead.

It’s what you commit to doing consistently that makes the difference in your financial health in 20 years.

For example…

  • Are you investing regularly?
  • Are you setting financial goals?
  • Are you reading and learning weekly?
  • Are you taking consistent steps to build your income?

These are all simple actions that build your wealth over time. Just like a wall you build from the ground up.

So, today, what habits can you incorporate into your routine to shape the future of your dreams?

💰Perhaps you peek at your financial vision board before bed each night.

💰You create your own millionaire morning routine.

💰Or you keep that Saturday budget date with your partner.

Little habits matter! So, get out there and make it happen!

“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” – Brian Tracy