More and more women are choosing to remain single. They’re happy with this way of life, whether they’re young and care-free or have children. Studies have even shown that more women are happier being single than men. Just why is that the case? What’s so great about the single life?

Being in a Relationship Is Hard Work

When you’re single, you get away with being a little more selfish. Being in a relationship with someone else can be taxing and hard. Even when you love that person dearly, trying to manage the daily life with someone else in it can be difficult. Being in a relationship means thinking about the other person before making a decision, yet when you’re single you can make a choice solely for you.

This is a little harder with children involved. When you make a choice, you’ll have to consider children. However, this tends to still be a little easier than having another adult in the house. After all, financial and purchasing decisions are solely your duty with a child. You don’t need to run the majority of purchases past the children (unless it involves them in some way) like you would if you were in a relationship.

There’s One Less Person to Tidy Up After

One of the biggest benefits is having one less person in the household to clean up after. Women are still more likely to do the majority of the domestic chores, despite many of them working full time like their male counterparts. Tidying and working feels like two jobs together and it’s easy to become resentful against the other person making the mess.

When single, women still do the tidying but there is less to tidy in the house. It’s easier to pick up after yourself throughout the day. It doesn’t feel like you’ve got an extra child in the house that needs reminding socks don’t get left in the middle of the floor and the sink is for washing dishes not placing them in!

This also includes cooking chores. Women are more likely to cook the meals in the house. When they’re single, they get more autonomy over the food they cook on a daily basis. They can also make less, as there are fewer people cooking. If a woman comes home and just wants to snack on takeout, that’s not a problem when she’s single. She doesn’t have to wonder if someone is going to constantly question about cooking dinner.

Women Have Other Confidants

While men will rely on their partners to rant and vent, a woman doesn’t necessarily need that. Most women will usually have somewhere else to turn when they need to discuss something. They’ll have girlfriends that want to hear juicy details or are more likely to open up to siblings and parents. Some will even turn to online social networks to chat to people half way around the world. There are even forums and message boards where women can frequent for ranting and advice.

When they’re single, they keep these confidants. They’re happy to chat to their friends when they need to. However, they may even find that their stresses of the day are cut considerably without a partner. Most of the complaints from women surround their partner (and often the lack of housework being carried out).

Women are happier being single because of the technology available to them. They don’t have as much to do around the house, while they’re working full time. The single life is less stressful, even when there are kids involved.