Maybe the feminist in me is coming out… but when I hear women use the word bitch in any form in their branding/business/any sentence regarding themselves, it’s an epic turn off for me.

Lucky Bitch. Bad Bitch. Boss Bitch. Rich Bitch. Boss Babe Bitch…. you get the picture. I want to un-see this picture because not only is it degrading, self-denigrating and it’s giving men the right to call you a bitch too.

The women’s suffrage movement didn’t start for nothin’.

If you call yourself a feminist and then call yourself bitch: let me break it to you…. you are not a feminist, because women have fought for the right to be called for what they are. Intelligent. Beautiful. Smart. Worthy. Equal to men. Not equated to a fucking dog.

When I see posts like, “Let’s call out that inner badass bitch”? WHY? Why can’t I call out my inner badass only? Why must you call me a bitch, or make me call myself a bitch to feel worthy of success? Can you not get your point across without degrading yourself? Or asking others to do the same?

Feminists have tried to protect us from rape, sexual harassment, rights to our bodies, demanding respect from the world/the opposite sex, etc — and by using destructive language to objectify yourself, you are undoing the progress, the fight, and turning your back on history.

It’s that blood curdling feeling when someone offends you deeply by cursing at you — why are you doing that to yourself and sending the message to the universe “I am a bitch, treat me like one.” I can image the rage you may feel or may have felt if someone from the opposite sex has called you a wh*re, slut, c-nt — you should feel the same rage calling yourself a bitch.

Stop this movement of “bitch”. It’s not empowering. It doesn’t make you a badass. It doesn’t make you look cool, modern, fun or whatever the hell you want to appear to be.

Because it’s damaging. If you call yourself anything other than the beautiful, confident, powerful woman you are.

The B word is keeping you down, and this term is normalized to the point where it’s harmful. Break the cycle, don’t be a part of it.