For centuries we have been in the throes of masculine energy in this world.

Women have gone from being seen, protected and worshipped to being tortured, numbed, reigned in and silenced.

Today I learned the the word “Witch” derives from “wicce” which means wise.

Yet it has been turned into a very different meaning.

80% of those tortured and killed in the Inquisition which went on for centuries, were women.

And now we live in a world with extreme masculinity.

The Earth (the original Mother) is dying as we take and take and give nothing back.

We see evidence of this everywhere, everyday.

More and more women suffer from the psychological and psychological effects of feeling unsafe to be who they are called to be.

In 2012 the Mayan calendar ended.

Many thought this meant the literal end of the world.

Others say this is start of a new dawn.

An awakening.

An uprising of feminine power.

Not to take control, but to bring balance to an out of control world.

The wonderful women I work with WANT success, but are afraid of it.

We’ve learned to be afraid of our power.

But when power is in put in the hands of women, we do wonderful things with it.

Right now, in our world, power is gained, transferred, increased, and taken away with money.

A very masculine manner.

Money comes to me as Feminine energy though.

My clients feel it as beautiful, soft and yet strong and playful energy.

It isn’t meant to be used and abused.

It’s meant to be loved, admired and cherished and to create, just like the feminine herself.

But we’ve learned to fear it or even hate it.

She is calling us to do great things.

The more you make, the more you can fill your own cup up so that it overflows with ease

And the more you overflow, the more people you can help with ease.

The more people you help, the more empowered they will be, with ease.

With more empowered people in the world, the more balance starts to happen rather than being further buried by the extreme masculine.

Money talks in this world. But she’s talking to you, in your beautiful feminine energy.

You may not hear her, but you feel her.

That conflict around money, is her telling you should have it, not just for you, for but all the amazing things you will do with it.

The voice in your head you hear briefly, calling to you, before another voice convinces you you’re dreaming.

Healers, coaches and therapists, you are all here to share your wisdom!

To heal your clients in different but totally complimentary ways.

To help them that calling.

To remind the world of the beauty and power of the feminine.

This work we do is what we are called to do and our hearts ache if we don’t do it.

When women have wealth they help more people.

When women have wealth, they stand in their worth and power (even though they always had both).

When women have wealth, they do great things.

When women have wealth, balance gets restored bit by bit in the world.

The energy of money is calling to you, she wants to be loved by you, she wants to be noticed by you.

She, like you, is wise, and knows you will do beautiful, magical things in your world with it.