Over 80% of the population wants to write a book. Are you one of them? Have you been thinking of writing a book geared towards your business?

First, I want to say I’m not writing about massive passive income from your book, nor is it about a vanity book for the sake of having a book. But if you’re going to write a book, you might as well launch it to Best Seller, right?

Your business needs a book for different reasons. I always say a Best Selling book parallels your business. It needs to take a jump in priority on your list because it gives you ….

  • Instant credibility (people look at authors differently
  • Boost in your expert status
  • Invitations to speak at events and telesummits
  • A bigger reach for your message
  • A legacy for years to come
  • And of course …. MORE CLIENTS (when used right)

All of this means MORE INCOME.

How about putting that all on autopilot? That’s just icing on the cake!

So why haven’t aren’t you done with your Best Selling book yet? What’s been holding you back from more clients and more money??

Ok so this is what I hear: I don’t have time — it’s long and hard, I’m not sure what to say, I don’t know how to publish it/get it out there, what if people don’t like it, I’m not a good writer, I’m not sure it’s going to “work” or do anything …. And on and on…. ever felt like this?

Here’s the big question of the day: Are you going to let any of this hold you back from your success and big life? Then why are you allowing whatever excuses are going on your head to rule? Which story are you going to buy? The one that says you can do it or the one that says it’s hard and impossible? Because in the end, the only person you need to believe in you IS YOU.

A Best Seller does SO MUCH for you that I can’t even describe. People come to me to write their book and they leave with more clarity about their business and life, a changed mindset, a renewed zeal for their business because they’ve gotten really focused and directed, and the biggest thing is that they’ve revealed a lot about themselves (that they didn’t even know or realize) because now they’ve written their thoughts and stories on paper. I can’t even begin to describe that bonus outcome to you.

Now, I’m going to tell you how you can do this easily and also to share with you what to avoid when writing your book and the afterwards that everyone seems to forget.

What kind of a book you need to write — short read, lead magnet Best Selling book. This means that your book can be read in 2 hours or less, which is about 65 pages. Why? Because people consume easily consumable value. Make your book too long and it will sit on the shelf for ‘later’.

Creating the Best Seller as a lead magnet by seeding the book inside and out will help you attract readers that turn into paying clients, and your book can be used in your funnels. Remember, you must seed your book if you want someone to become your client from reading it. Most people don’t inherently know how to seed their book, so if you need help with that, get good help because that missing piece will lessen the effectiveness of using your book as a client lead magnet.

How to pick a topic that will get read — know your purpose, know your reader (who is likely also your ideal client), know your secret sauce, and have PASSION for it all. Your book is an answer to your calling. It’s your zone of genius. You should be able to talk about it forever, all day long. When you share something that you truly are passionate about, you don’t have to worry that it won’t get read. People are automatically intrigued with passionate people.

How to finish your book in less than 3 months — Chunk it down. 65 pages is easily written in 65 days. Just think about a page a day. Totally do-able, right? You can even “cheat” a little by looking at blogs you’ve written, templates, downloads, and webinars and repurpose them. Theme down your chapters — 10 chapters, 6-ish pages each, 3–5 point per theme, 1.5–2 pages per point … DONE in about 2 months. Then use the next month for editing, cover design, uploading to Amazon, etc. So in 3 months – VOILA! You have a book.

How to avoid the biggest mistakes during and after writing your book– Not marketing your book and not using it all over the place in your funnels — this is the crucial missing piece to most book plans (this is part of the purpose of seeding your book). Without a working book funnel, it won’t get you clients on autopilot and isn’t that the end goal?

If you think that merely writing your book or throwing it out on Amazon will get your book out to your ideal clients, think again. You must start marketing during the writing process, through your (Best Seller) book launch, and then after it’s published, for years to come. You can’t sit back and think the book is going to work for you. You have to continually leverage your book for more exposure, visibility and clients. It is a tool to grow your business, and it can’t do anything for you without your help. Without a strategic plan to use your Best Seller, you might as well not write it. Oh, and don’t forget that seeding that I keep mentioning. It can’t be missing!

Now here’s the thing, I know that this process may still sound scary for some of you. You want that book really really badly…. But this is holding you back. The way to get over that fear and turn it into excitement and motion is to connect to your why. Connect to that desire and figure out why your business and your message, along with the people you are going to touch are so important to you.

And listen, there’s another really big thing …. You have a CALLING IN LIFE. I believe we all have a purpose here on this earth and it wasn’t to live some mundane rinse and repeat life. It wasn’t to hide our gifts, talents and learnings either. There are people waiting for you and only you can fill that spot in their life. You were meant to show up not just to your life but to those other people’s lives. Think of the people who have drastically impacted your life for the better — what would your life be like now if you had not met them (or read their books)? Think of the people waiting on YOU.

This is not just about you. It’s bigger than you. So go get that book done!

Originally published at medium.com