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What do you believe is the biggest key to success?

I remember being a teen and young adult, struggling along through life, family, and personal issues, and seeing those people who just seemed to have it all figured out.

They had a job they loved. Their home and social lives were great. And they just seemed like they genuinely loved life.

And I remember thinking to myself, “uhhh….. What the hell am I missing here?”

Can you can relate?

I wanted to know what their secret was. Surely they had to be doing something differently that was allowing them to create a life they enjoyed, rather than a life that they were pretty “meh” about, like me.

Turns out I was right, they were doing something differently!

But, it wasn’t what I thought.

To learn more about the biggest key to success, keep reading.

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You’re the key

Admittedly, I grew up thinking success was going to come from things outside of me. Getting higher and specialized education. Knowing and networking with all the right people. Getting years or decades of experience under my belt.

Again, things I’m sure you can relate to.

Except, I can think of a ton of examples of highly successful people who don’t have any of those things. 

So, what was I missing? A great, fundamental truth of life is what.

At the end of the day, success is, always has been, and always will be an inside job first and foremost.

And that’s why so few people ever achieve a significant level of success; they can’t get themselves to truly believe that they are the source.

But, it’s true.

Even when you think about the 3 things I just mentioned, what’s the common denominator in all of them? 

It’s you!

So, while there are certainly things that will add to your ability to be successful, that’s exactly what they are, additions to you!

Your best self

The one universal thing that all highly successful people have in common is the ability to show up as their best, UNCOMMON selves.

But what is your best self?

It’s the real you. It’s the version you were created to be.

The version you were as a kid before life, the people in it, and all of their false beliefs changed you into who you are now.

It’s that version of you that lays down on the pillow at night frustrated, knowing you’re not living up to your potential. The version that wants to be, do, or have more in life.

The truth is, you are the motor that drives the car – without you, no progress is happening. Without the BEST you that is.

If you want higher levels of success in your life, you MUST learn to stop looking outside of yourself, and start showing up as your best, UNCOMMON self.

If you learn to do that, nothing is off limits to you.


As always, if you want to do a deeper dive into clarifying and creating those things you want to be, do, or have, I’d love to hop on a complimentary coaching call with you to see how I may be able to help out.