There are lots of people whose love and approval it feels like we have to earn – parents, friends, random strangers on Tinder, employers we’re trying to impress and followers on Instagram.

We’ve absorbed the message that we have to do something to be loveable and good and with that comes a chronic fear of falling short.

As children we needed to tidy our bedrooms or do our homework to gain approval.

As teenagers we had to wear the right clothes, like the right music and hang around with the right crowd to be accepted by our peers.

As adults we have to obtain the right job, partner, body and home to be viewed as successful.

But you don’t have to earn your own love. You can make the decision to love yourself exactly as you are in this moment right now.

  • Without losing 10 pounds
  • Without getting another qualification
  • Without hitting your goals
  • Without striving, pushing or becoming perfect.

Babies don’t have to do anything to be loved. They are loveable just for existing. Do you realise that you are still just as perfect as a newborn baby? You don’t have to do anything to earn your space on this Earth. You are already perfect and whole.

Make the decision to love yourself today exactly as you are.