Yes, it’s true! All the conditions you are currently experiencing in your life are down to your beliefs. Your financial situation, your friends, your relationships, your career success, your fulfillment, and your happiness, are based on your beliefs. And your beliefs produce your emotions, that drive youractions. You are responsible for your life. You have created it. And when you understand this, it’s actually very empowering as you then understand that you can just as easily change it and re-create a different outcome if you really want to.

Taking responsibility means you take back your power. Once you start acknowledging that all your experiences have been and are a gift to help you grow and find fulfillment, then you are truly empowered. Once you fully realise that you get what you believe, you are transformed from feeling like a victim into a ‘Warrior Goddess’. You have purpose, passion and power.

Nothing Controls You

Your parents, society, the government, the state of the economy, the weather, your partner – none of these things control you. They have an influence on you yes, but they don’t control you. It is how you respond to these things that matters.

Studies have proven that optimistic people tend to be happier. This is because they see the world as filled with support, possibilities and blessings. Same as people who think they are lucky will often win things and get better results than those who don’t. ‘Lucky people’ believe that they, and their world are lucky, so that is exactly what they get.

My father believed he was lucky when it came to parking spaces. He would drive into town on a busy market day and ALWAYS find somewhere to park. He totally believed he would. So that’s what he got!

What Do You Believe?

So have a good look at your beliefs. If you believe something is hard then it will most likely be hard for you. Are you open to creating a different reality? If you want better health, great relationships and more abundance then you need to change your judgements.

Changing how you feel about things internally will then change how you emotionally respond. Changing how you respond will change your actions. And it’s your feelings and attitude about your circumstances, that lead to the reality change. Both of those can be controlled by you if you take control of your beliefs.

The journey of change starts with accepting things the way they are and accepting that you are responsible. You are the ‘mover and shaker’! Then you stop placing the power outside of yourself. Instead, you realise that you have the power, and you fully empower yourself. This is the place to start – realising that ultimately you have the power to change your life.

If you’re working too hard, you’re not happy in your relationship, you feel frustrated with anything in your life, or you think the world is not treating you right, then there will be some judgement or limiting belief behind it. For example, “I have to work hard to be successful,” or “all my relationships are a disaster”.

Raise Your Vibration To Move Forwards

When you feel trapped or stuck by your circumstances or your situation, it’s important to get out of your fear-based feelings. The first thing to do is to relax. Then connect up to the Light (Universal energy / Source), and focus on what you’re grateful for – really feel it. This will help you to feel so much better, it will raise your vibration and open up communication with the guidance of your higher self. Remember your vibration is a reflection of what you are feeling. And the higher your vibration, the more good, positive stuff you attract and manifest. You attract your vibrational match.

When you relax, connect to the Light and feel gratitude, you’ll notice a difference in your body and mind. You’ll feel lighter and feel a sense of hope and possibility. These tools are available to you right now, exactly where you are. Even when everything feels paralysed, you always have a choice and the antidote to fear is action.

Take back your power Goddess! Decide right now, what you’d like to believe, and how you want to feel and commit to focusing on that as much as you can. Your outlook on life is up to you. Practice feeling positive. Expect good things to happen. And then guess what? They start happening!

Love and Empowerment

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