Like most of you, I am working from home every single day now, with nowhere to actually go except to the mailbox and to the end of my driveway to pick up the newspaper. If it is a big day, I might take a run to the grocery store. I try to workout and meditate every morning before I face the rest of my day. It would be easy for me to stay in my workout clothes all day and I do admit to lounging about in them a bit longer than I did pre COVID-19.

Now, I realize that what I am about to say might be a bit controversial at the moment with the alluring call of comfy sweats, and loungewear seemingly selling out faster than ever before, so no haters please. And, the fact that I am discussing fashion choices at all during a horrific pandemic where lives are truly at stake and loved ones are being lost daily I know can appear frivolous, and out of touch. That is not my intention and I know very well that there are at least 100 or more things much more important than what you or I am wearing at home. But you are important, not everything is on pause and getting through the day with some sense of a routine or normalcy can help with your mood, can reduce stress and help you avoid going down a doomsday rabbit hole.

When I follow my pre-pandemic morning routine of showering and getting dressed, as if I were actually going somewhere beyond the four walls of my home, I feel better, more positive and a bit calmer than I might otherwise be during this crazy time. I am in control of something and my days are generally more productive. And, if we can function even just a bit better in this new reality by simply getting dressed, then where is the harm in that?

Of course, to be clear, I am not putting on a power suit or a cocktail dress (except on Saturday nights for fun) but I do take the time to put on my actual – non work out – clothes and this makes me feel ready for my day. This makes me more productive and usually ready for a spontaneous FaceTime or preplanned Zoom meeting. It is a bit ironic isn’t it that we used to be able to hide ourselves behind technology but now this same technology provides us with the new face-to-face way stay in touch and connect with our friends, our colleagues, our clients and our families. In many ways, this “new normal” way of spending time with someone is more VISUAL and intimate than before in that you really are up close and personal so I believe that getting dressed as though (almost) you were physically going to be at that meeting, or up on that podium, is the way to go. And people are paying more attention to you, seeing and looking at you more closely in that small square or rectangle box. So why not put your best self forward, whatever that looks like for you. If your normal go to is workout casual, by all means stay there – it really comes down to feeling comfortable, in control and confident.

Putting your clothes on while you are working from and staying home may seem like a small thing but I assure you that it is not without merit. Getting dressed will make you feel more confident, give you a small bit of control, and you will likely be more productive – it certainly can’t hurt.

3 Reasons To Put Some Clothes On

1.You will feel more productive and positive during your day
2. You will somehow feel a bit more in control during an uncertain time
3. You will not hesitate to answer a FaceTime call (well, you might for reasons other than how you feel about the way you look) and you will be Zoom ready.

Full disclosure – I am giving my hair a bit of a rest from daily blow-drying and I am a fan of wearing chic sweats during my “off hours”.