To help you stay on track as you work toward achieving your business goals.

When someone holds you accountable for your actions, it is human nature to be more inclined to make sure you meet the expectation. In a way you feel compelled to not let yourself or someone else down.

Accountability is a key driver in the success of my business, for myself and my clients. My main accountability buddy is one of my collaborative partners. On a regular basis we have a short, focused accountability call, or ‘buzz chat’, to maintain momentum and to stay on track to achieve our desired outcomes.

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What are the benefits of having an accountability buddy?

Better Focus. You become more target driven and productive as you put more effort into making things happen. This allows you to say “I have achieved X & Y” instead of saying “I didn’t really get that much done since we last spoke”.

Keep on Track. How often do your ideas lead you down several different paths however in reality most of them actually lead nowhere? One idea, one focus, one call, regularly = results.

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Challenge your Thinking. Having a buddy to keep you accountable, keeps you grounded. Especially when you aim to talk yourself out of doing something, more often than not, the things you don’t enjoy doing. Or when you talk yourself into making a wrong choice. You buddy will challenge you to consider your options, to challenge you to be real about your intentions.

Momentum. Regular meetings = things moving forward. Natural flow is consistent and together things get done.

Make Progress. Shift your thinking from simply working for the sake of work. Instead together you focus on how to make progress happen. Set your intentions, work through what matters most and is a priority, and you’re done.

Breakthrough Obstacles. Do you find that it is easy to get stuck in your own thinking and as a result nothing happens? Your buddy will help you push through these blocks, to keep you moving forward toward your vision. Walls and hurdles will fall, celebrate results and success.

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Keep it Real. In business it is all too easy to let things get out of control. Life happens and situations occur. As you and your accountability buddy build a strong connection, keep it real and help each other blend life and business. If you find you are struggling, talk it through, overcome your setback and move forward.

Because there are many positive benefits to having an accountability partner, when will you make time to connect with a friend, colleague or business coach who can become your ‘get things done’ buddy?

When you nurture the relationship you build, and make a commitment to it, your accountability partnership can become the greatest asset for you and your business.

Already have an accountability buddy? What business success stories have you achieved as a result?

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