Why You Need a Disney Vacation Without the Kids

When you have kids, there are two kinds of vacations you can take: one gets you away from work but usually involves taking your kids, and the other is a truly relaxing experience without any responsibilities. If it’s been a while since you’ve had the latter kind of vacation, you’re overdue. However, before you book a flight to Tahiti, consider hitting up a Disney theme park.

1. You’ll have fun without the pressure of responsibilities

When you don’t have your kids, you’re not on the hook for being a responsible adult – at least not completely. You won’t need to manage activities constantly and you can just fly by the seat of your pants day-to-day. If you don’t feel like leaving your hotel room, you can order room service and stay in bed all day. You can change your plans at the last minute, ditch long lines without causing an upset, and you can go wherever you want.

Of course, you probably don’t want to visit a Disney theme park alone so you’ll need to collaborate with your spouse or whoever you go with. However, it’s easier to negotiate with an adult than a child.

2. You’ll spend less money

You’ll spend far less money at a Disney theme park without your kids. You won’t have to buy all the shiny trinkets and toys they swear they can’t live without. You won’t have to pay for selfies with every character you meet and you won’t feel forced to waste money on clothes and stuffed animals you know will just end up at the thrift store.

Without your kids, you’ll also save hundreds of dollars on tickets. Disney’s theme park tickets can be expensive, even for the little ones. If you’re not bringing your kids, you could extend your vacation and visit the park several days in a row. By using these money-saving methods outlined by Park Savers, you can get cheap tickets and you might even get your fifth day at the park for free.

3. Disney has events and attractions for adults

Many of the rides and attractions at Disney’s theme parks are oriented toward kids, but in recent years the parks have been making changes that appeal to adults. For instance, Disney World now offers plant-based menu items at several restaurants for people who have specific dietary preferences and requirements. While kids are usually happy chowing down on a hot dog, adults tend to have a more refined palette.

The other way Disney has been appealing to adults is through fine dining experiences. For instance, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa offers an exceptionally elegant experience at the Enchanted Rose lounge. The décor was inspired by Beauty and the Beast and features four elegant gathering spaces. The bar is illuminated by a huge chandelier that looks like Belle’s golden gown ball. A library boasts classic baroque décor with French furnishings and the garden room will make you feel like you’re in the enchanted forest.

The food is also catered toward adults with artisan cheese hors d’oeuvres, flatbreads, rib sliders, and white sturgeon caviar. Naturally, you can expect a great selection of wine from around the world. Be prepared to spend some money here.

4. A Disney vacation is a great way to pamper yourself

If the only way you’ve been pampering yourself is by getting your nails done, it’s time to think outside the box. Sometimes pampering yourself means giving yourself the freedom to enjoy life, have fun, and let loose. You might even meet your inner child at Disneyland like this blogger discovered.

Pamper yourself with adventures and activities that make you feel good and help you stay connected to your sense of well-being. If you want to go to Disneyland and jump on all the silly rides and take selfies with Mickey Mouse – do it!

Your kids are great, but you deserve a vacation with no responsibilities

Don’t feel bad about going to Disneyland without your kids. You may need to strike a deal with them to go on a family trip in the future, but you deserve to go wherever you want on your vacation. If you want to spend a week in a Disney resort, hit up the park for two days and spend the rest of your time eating ice cream and watching movies, it’s your vacation and you can do whatever you want.