You must have heard of people who committed suicide if you’ve not seen one. News of people suffering from depression is in the news every day. What you don’t know about, however, is that millions die unsung, drowned in melancholy. They die of heart-attack, hypertension, or any other attendant manifestation of a withered well-being.

Well-being boils down to how you function as an individual in relations to your productivity, goals and ambitions. Your well-being has many sides. It involves your wellness and joy. It can be physically, emotionally or psychologically measured.

If you ask me, I’ll tell you that to be an achiever, to enjoy life, to be fulfilled, you’ve got to prioritize your well-being – no two ways. Or do you think people happily commit suicide?

No way!

So, why should your well-being always come first?

The answer is simple.

Your well-being is directly connected to your success as a person. So, if your well-being is undermined, undermined is your success.

Research results have shown that only happy and healthy people ever feel fulfilled. And you can’t be happy when your work is burning you out, when you’re suffering from diseases, when you’re being abused by somebody, or when your goals are evasive.

You must have now seen reasons why your wellbeing shouldn’t be left in the back burner!

But how do you go about managing your wellbeing?

First of all, you’ve got to watch out for anything that can negatively affect you emotional, physical or psychological well-being.  Lucky you, these three are intertwined. So, a blow to one is a blow to the rest.

So, lets’ begin.

1.        Beware of camouflaged enemies

These are the food, drinks and even sex you so much enjoy. Ostensibly, they gratify your needs, but they can as well hang you by your indiscretions.

They are the underlying factors of to many diseases. As enjoyable as life is, health issues can turn it sour.

You may want to take lots of fruits and vegetable instead of junks, water and juice instead of alcoholic drinks, and always play safe when it comes to sex.

Remember, no drugs without a doctor’s prescription.

2.        Don’t deny yourself of sleep and rest

An adult human needs at least six hours night rest every twenty hours to remain healthy. Of course you have to work, but you also have to be healthy to be able to work. And if you have to be mentally focused then sleeping well is the key.

You have to keep burnout at bay.

3.        Get out of abusive relationship

Just think about it. How does clinging to an abusive partner make you feel like? Like shit, I guess.

But you deserve better.

Let’s face it, you’re in great danger as long as you remain in an abusive relationship. When your face gets hit, you cover the bruise up with makeup, but what about your emotion? Which is just as battered as your face.

Mark my words, remaining in an abusive relationship is like wandering in a dark crowded alley notorious for mugging. Even though there’re people all over, they wouldn’t be of help. That’s it. You just have to stand up for yourself.

Move on.

4.        Don’t toy with your health

Regular check-ups is a must. I’m sure you know that some diseases are known to show few or no symptoms at all. For instance, most symptoms of chlamydia may go unnoticed, especially in men. Cancer can continue ravaging your body without a symptom for years. And so are other diseases.

Does that spare you of their harms?

But check-ups mean early detection. And early detection means no room for complications which most of the times come with higher demands capable of draining you of cash, energy and happiness.

On a final note. Your interest is first, and nothing represents your interest better than your well-being. Meanwhile your joy and success are embedded in your well-being, and if you fail to take care of it, no one will do it for you. It has to be YOU.