why you should read more books

We often say it’s too difficult to find the time to read. And yet, no one seems to have trouble binge watching the latest Netflix original.

But who can blame us? Television is a consumer sport. All we have to do is sit back, and let the entertainment begin. Often, the shows continue without having to even reach for the remote. Plus, not much thinking is required.

Unfortunately, that’s a problem. While this way of spending our leisure time feels good, it’s not necessarily good for us.

So, today, I suggest a turnaround. Spend just a few minutes each day in a fantastic, empowering book instead of in a good show. It doesn’t have to even be all night. Start small.

Yet, it’s imperative that you begin making the switch. But why, you ask?

Books Give You Tools for Life

First, if you’re reading the right kind of books, such as empowering books for women, you’ll find so many golden nuggets of wisdom. With time, you can improve ANYTHING in your life: time management, empathy, parenting, mindfulness, productivity, etc.

This is FREE knowledge, at your fingertips. And all it takes is a small amount of your time.

The sky is truly the limit in what you can accomplish with knowledge.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

Ben Franklin

You Sharpen Your Most Important Tool

Next, when you read a book that inspires, or makes you think, you are unequivocably sharpening your mind.

You dig deep and utilize your critical thinking skills – which enhances your brainpower. All of this spills out into real life, improving your focus and decision making skills as well.

Reading Still Takes Your Mind Off of Things

TV is often our favorite source of entertainment because it’s a way to ease our worries and anxieties. Need an escape? Yes, please.

Reading can do the same thing.

Lose yourself in a good book, and you’ll be teleported to a new world or fresh way of thinking. This is why the act of reading is known to ease depression, lower stress, and even help us sleep after a long day.

In Conclusion

While books can be just as entertaining as your screens, the real advantage lies with what they do for your health.

So, get started today. Begin with just five or ten minutes and see where it goes. As the weeks tick by, add a few minutes every day. You’ll discover an entirely new set of ideas, ways of thinking, and tools for a better, more fulfilling life.

Consequently, the death grip hold that screens have on you will begin to loosen, one day at a time.

So, what are you waiting for?