“Save your latte money!!”

Have you heard this mundane piece of financial advice as many times as I have?!

It’s certainly not the way to reach the life of your dreams. If you want to find your best life, then I suggest you follow a much different approach that looks more like this: “Buy the latte!”

You see, we cannot live a life of endless joy and freedom if we are constantly playing by the too safe and much too boring rulebook others have written.  We need to loosen the rigid bonds and just have fun!

I want you to not only be able to buy the latte but also find what brings a smile to your face, each and every day.  The epic life should allow you to break away from monotonous routines and find that fire of passion within. To do more in life than just answer emails, make money, and constantly live by a strict budget.  These everyday luxuries can be whatever you want them to be, from simple to extravagant.  For some, this looks as simple as enjoying morning coffee in a beautiful china tea set rather than that bulky, extra-large travel mug or for others it’s traveling to Tuscany every year for that soul-feeding art expo. 

Whatever you choose, the epic life should be about putting inspiration and happiness back at the top of your priority list.

So if you’re wondering why your life is still looking the same as it did five years ago, or why you’re still living with a lower-than-you’re-comfortable-with bank account, or still complaining about that same co-worker, then these insightful and awakening tips will help you to break free!

What would your 7-year-old self say?

Remember when you were a little girl and you lived with a sense of wonder and deep knowing of what you wanted in life? It’s time to start dreaming that big again! These memories can leave you with plenty of clues as to where you should begin seeking new excitement today. What did you love doing when you were younger?  What activity could you just not get enough of and the hours would fly by when you were doing it? Write them down. Use these ideas to incorporate similar elements into your adult life. This could be in the form of your next vacation, a girl’s getaway retreat, taking a class, or shifting careers. Whichever will reignite that spark!

Stand up for your dreams.

To live the life you so desire, it is vital that you take a stand for your dreams. A woman who is unapologetic about advocating for her happiness (aka, a Queen) isn’t shy about speaking up to support it.  By taking this stand, you can receive the “double blessing.” When you confidently own who you are and what you want, expressing yourself authentically, you inspire others to do the same. Think of anyone you know right now who is living their best life.  Are they keeping their desires secret and allowing others to tell them that their dreams are too “big” or “crazy”? No. They are probably full of abundance and blessings, and as a result of them stepping into their greatness, you have been blessed, too!

The audacity to take action.

The key to taking your dream life from fantasy to reality is inspired action. Anyone can dream, create the Pinterest board, or reminisce on their desires; but, only a Queen takes immediate, inspired action to make them happen and doesn’t give up until she receives what she is destined for. Today, start unapologetically going for what you want without hesitation!

Darling, what a relief it is to be connected with your truth again, isn’t it? Understand that your mindset will be the necessary foundation to nurture, deepen, and maintain this new-found life of yours.  And until it becomes your natural state of thinking, be compassionate with yourself. You’re human and it’s normal to wonder if you have what it takes, to feel emotional, and to think that the task is too hard sometimes. But remember that you are destined for greatness! Queenhood will give you the skills that are necessary for this transformation into the epic life.  Enjoy it!