After a chaotic 2021, we can take some solace in the fact that one thing will remain the same: the beauty space will be one of the most important sectors this holiday season. From the top ointments, creams, masks and devices, we’re going to feature the best-in-class options for your shopping list. Whether it’s for a loved one or not (there’s no shame in spoiling yourself), my goal is to help you select the things that will take your skincare to the next level.

I’ve decided to start this project with one of my favorite areas: skincare devices. As a consumer, it’s hard to pick the right option for you. Everyone has top notch packaging, impressive before-and-afters and claims that make their product seem like a homerun. But how do you know what’s true? For me, it comes down to a simple question: which brand is trusted by consumers and professional estheticians. The answer I came up with is 7E Wellness.

Founded by Pooja Johari, this company has pioneered the microcurrent technology craze.  In a recent interview with LA Weekly, Pooja summarized what makes this company stand out: “For most of the people I know, going under the knife for a traditional facelift wasn’t an option for myriad reasons. And I completely understand that!” Pooja said, “And you shouldn’t have to have the financial resources and time freedom to achieve these desired results. With our technology, you don’t have to. They can be attained at home without any pain, excessive expense or worry. That was a paramount goal with this company, and it makes me so happy that we’ve been able to bring that to consumers everywhere.”

The product line is diverse, appealing to both the casual user and hardcore professional. The MyoLift Mini and QT are two of their most popular devices, perfect for at-home use. The MD and 600 are esthetician-grade, and have been gaining traction as client’s rave about the positive results. They also offer attachments, conductive gels and restorative face masks that compliment their marquee lineup.

One of the main reasons that I love this company is their commitment to helping people look and feel their best for a fraction of the cost of a facelift or other invasive procedure. Like most people, when I’m confident in my appearance, my attitude and outlook is positively affected. Pair that mission with incredible technological advances and a savvy founder and CEO, and the sky is the limit for this San Diego-based disrupter.

What We Recommend

If you’re new to 7E Wellness and their MyoLift line, we recommend the Home Care Starter Kit. It includes the Mini, one of their best-selling microcurrent devices, conductive eye and lip masks and 4 ounces of their ReStore gel. For information on the technology, how it works and promotions, be sure to like/follow on Facebook and Instagram and visit

What’s Next

In our next installment, we will be featuring our top pick in the moisturizing sector. Don’t miss it!