2020 was a difficult year.

It is so easy to neglect the “small wins” in your life when pursuing the big picture. I felt so very depressed because I felt that I have achieved nothing in 2020. I thought it to myself: “Pandemic, ha, it is a very good excuse for not being productive.” 

How many clients did I get in 2020? Not nearly as I expected. How much money did I make in 2020? It’s like a joke. Is this new ten pound I am getting makes me feel good about myself? 

In the meanwhile, in reality, I had started my own PR firm in 2020; I help fostered 6 stray cats in total and got my first pet in 2020 (and I am forever grateful); I have worked with the most prestigious brands and organizations in 2020; I got employee of the year in 2020 and got a good bonus; I got my visa to stay and work in the U.S. in 2020; I have been invited to be an “expert” to share my insights on Google Cameos (how the hell did that happen, I’d never know).

Yet, I feel not accomplished at all. Because I never stopped and took any look at any “small” achievements of mine. I was only focusing on the parts where my goals were not met. I have not got many big clients for my company, I have not gotten a lot more followers on Instagram, I have not made my goal with a certain amount of money. 

All these thoughts dragged me into a state where I felt like a failure. But surprisingly, when I look back, it is not true at all. Negative self-talk and thoughts will drag you, instead of lifting you to where you want to be. So, take the time, you should think about what kind of “small” achievements you had. Even if it’s just getting out of bed on a bad day, that is your small win. Do a ten-minute workout on a lazy day, that is your small win. Start to quit smoking for the first day, that is your small win. Never neglect your small wins. All big achievements don’t happen overnight. The important thing is that you are out there doing it, successful or not. 

PS: When the day arrives, when you do achieve your big goals, celebrate it properly. Make it a party. You deserve it. 🙂


  • Blair Bao


    Bao Communications

    Blair is the founder of Bao Communications, a bilingual PR agency based in New York City. With an educational background in Journalism, Communications, and Law, Blair has worked for global PR and marketing agencies and newspapers. She is also a lifestyle and fashion influencer on Instagram. Blair is from China and she currently lives in New York City.