Every single soul in this world need someone to share their feelings, fears,pains, emotions and likings. Words can break or makes someone.

“Empathy”, is an art. We could have seen few people, who used to complain often about something that’s bothering them to all of them they meet. Sometime, we feel frustrated seeing those kind of persons. But we fail to understand them.They don’t seek us for their problem’s solutions. All they need is our genuine attention and dedicated time to listen to their talks.

Some may listen to them partially, where few tend to avoid them. Lending out our ears to someone is also a random act of kindness. All we need is an ample amount of time and few positive words from our end.

More than half the population of the world are batteling severe depression.
Loneliness is found as a major cause. Especially, youngsters and aged people are affected badly due to this negative emotion. This sometimes serves as a chance to end their life.

Here are few other points that can help everyone to understand Empathy, even more better

• Listening is the golden key of Empathy

• Sympathy sooths temporarily, whereas, Empathy heals permanently

• It also helps a person to take a better decision ,as ample amount of time is givien to them by someone else genuinely

We feel sorry and show our sympathy to someone,who is going through tough times. But the real way to support them is by understanding their situation. That “Empathy”, can help them to heal deeply and can even motivate to come out of that hard times.